Gae Aulenti

Italian, 1927 - 2012
Italian architect and designer, Gae Aulenti was born in 1927. She is known for very large scale architectural projects in Paris, San Francisco and other cities. Aulenti was one of the few women designing in the post year period of Italy. She designed furniture for Zanotta-where her popular “April” folding chair was made of stainless steel and a removable cover. She also designed the “Sanmarco” table-made of plate glass. She died in 2012 with an extensive career of over 200 built works. Gae Aulenti design remains popular today. 
Gae Aulenti Lighting & Lamps
Gae Aulenti Rimorchiatore H 14.96 in W 11.81 in D 5.91 in $ 2,700
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