Helena Sultan


Konekt is a boutique furniture company built on the belief that home is a sanctuary, a place for comfort and beauty; a means to reconnect with family, friends and one’s core being. Led by Helena Sultan, Konekt takes an artisanal approach to luxury furniture. It is her intention to create tactile and sensual pieces that engage the senses, whether through natural materials, sculptural form or details that show the human touch. Sultan designs her collections and collaborates with highly skilled artisans and workshops in Pennsylvania for her made-to-order, customizable furniture line. Her signature “sublime luxury” embodies an innate desire for refinement, simplicity and well-being.  

A photographer and award winning documentary filmmaker in prior careers, Sultan developed her eye beginning in childhood. Helena grew up in a home filled with art and was influenced by the rich colors and layered textures of her mothers abstract oil paintings, as well as the patinated metal vats and pipes of her fathers gritty industrial plant. As a young adult, she began to develop her deep appreciation for the nuanced beauty of antique objects and furniture as she scoured antique shops, flea markets and auction houses. Helena’s sensibilities were further honed as she traveled widely, absorbing different cultures and influences. These experiences have culminated in her embrace of detail and unique aesthetic.

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