Patek Philippe & Co.

Swiss, 1851
One of the most highly regarded vintage watch manufacturers on the modern market, the timepieces of Patek Philippe & Co. have been seen on the wrists of Pope Pius IX, Queen Victoria and Albert Einstein to name a few. But beyond the impeccable craftsmanship and pristine design that goes into each Philippe & Co. piece, the company has maintained its top tier status in the watchmaking industry as the result of continous innovation. Split second hands, the minute repeater, the chronograph, the perpetual calendar, and the silicon escapement wheel which literally makes watches "tick"...all breakthroughs owed to Patek Phillipe & Co.
 Of course, when it comes to innovation, there are few watches that have or will ever rival the intricacy of the Henry Graves Supercomplication, an 18-karat gold pocketwatch made in 1933 which, with 24 capable functions, has been deemed one of the most complicated watches of all time. In 2014, the legendary watch was sold at an auction in Geneva for a staggering $24 million, making it the most expensive watch ever made. Vintage Patek Philippe watches remain popular worldwide. 
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