Adrian Alan Ltd.

66-67 South Audley Street
London W1K 2QX
          Established in 1964, Adrian Alan is an international family run business and one of the world’s leading dealers in nineteenth century furniture and works of art. For over fifty years, Adrian Alan himself has been at the head of our company, dealing in the very finest antiques and exhibition pieces of furniture and sourcing important items for private collectors and the great museums of the world. 

The gallery, based in the heart of London’s Mayfair, services a global client base, showcasing one of the largest collections of antiques available anywhere in the world, together with offering expert advice on all aspects of the buying process.

For over half a century our company has remained consistent in its approach to business; dedication to quality and service making us the collector's most trusted source for exceptional furniture and works of art.
We are members of the British Antique Dealers Association (BADA), the London and Provincial Antique Dealers Association (LAPADA), and Confédération Internationale des Négociants en Oeuvres d'Art (CINOA) - as such we abide by their very strict codes of practice, which assure clients the highest standards of professional conduct.        
A Set Of Twelve George I... H 48.03 in W 34.65 in D 23.62 in $ 200,000
A George II Style Giltwood... H 38.98 in W 98.03 in D 33.46 in $ 115,000
Gillows of Lancaster & London A Set of Eighteen Red... H 34.25 in W 18.11 in D 19.69 in $ 45,000
Genryusai Seiya A Bronze Group of an... H 29.13 in $ 20,000
Henri Honoré Plé A Multi-Patinated Bronze... H 55.12 in W 21.65 in D 19.69 in $ 80,000
François Linke An Important Pair of Louis... H 37.8 in W 52.36 in D 23.23 in $ 375,000
François Linke A Louis XVI Style Giltwood... H 34.65 in W 99.61 in D 57.09 in $ 475,000
A Pair of Louis XV Style... H 35.04 in W 59.84 in D 26.38 in $ 90,000
François Linke A Louis XV Style Gilt... H 64.57 in W 31.5 in D 16.14 in $ 50,000
A Marquetry Inlaid Three... H 75.98 in W 69.69 in D 1.18 in $ 20,000
Maison Beurdeley A Louis XVI Style Mahogany... H 69.29 in W 36.61 in D 14.57 in $ 32,000
A Louis XIV Style Clock and... H 42.13 in W 10.24 in $ 175,000
Joseph Cremer An Ebonised ‘Boulle’ Petit... H 60.24 in W 32.28 in D 16.93 in $ 230,000
Mathieu Béfort Jeune A Pair Of Louis XIV Style &... H 41.73 in W 38.58 in D 27.56 in $ 130,000
Émile-Coriolan-Hippolyte Guillemin A Pair of Patinated Bronze... H 88.98 in W 19.69 in D 29.13 in $ 325,000
Maison Krieger Impressive Pair of Empire... H 129 in W 62 in D 5 in $ 175,000
Goelzer and Poumaroux A Pair of Napoléon III... H 90.55 in W 24.41 in D 21.26 in $ 130,000
Paul Sormani A Regence Style Ebonised... H 29.53 in W 57.09 in D 33.07 in $ 100,000
François Linke A Fine Louis XV Style Table... H 30.31 in W 29.92 in D 22.44 in $ 85,000
François Linke A Regence Style Parquetry... H 31.1 in W 66.93 in D 37.8 in $ 120,000
A Rococo Style Giltwood... H 80.71 in W 44.88 in D 7.09 in $ 25,000
A Pair of Giltwood Domed... H 79.53 in W 57.48 in D 29.92 in $ 140,000
A Fine And Decorative... H 76.77 in W 43.7 in D 1.97 in $ 60,000
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