American Primitive Gallery

49 E. 78 St Suite 2B
New York City, NY 10075
United States
          Aarne Anton has been a passionate collector and dealer in American folk art for over 25 years. With one foot in the 19th century and the other in the 20th century he has brought an inquisitive eye to discovering works of art from past traditions as well as one of a kind pieces. American Primitive Gallery has been a source for collectors, dealers, and museums of american folk art with a range of antique material culture from the 18th to the 20th century. Our diverse inventory can be viewed at the Gallery, at shows, or sampled online. If you want specific collecting interests call or email us.        
Emperor Penguin Carved by... H 34 in W 12 in D 14 in $ 6,500
Hearts and Heads Carved... H 5 in W 1 in D 1 in $ 1,500
Fish Bait Shop Trade Sign... H 8 in W 32 in D 4 in $ 1,200
Steer Head Folk Sculpture H 13 in W 17 in D 10 in $ 1,400
Stone Bust Boundry Marker
Sold S
Stone Bust Boundry Marker H 16 in W 8 in D 8 in
Shoot the Moon Tin Toy
Sold S
Shoot the Moon Tin Toy H 7 in W 5 in D 15 in
Carved Marble Bust of a Woman H 6 in W 4 in D 3 in $ 2,200
African American Carved Black Head with Blue
Hold H
African American Carved... H 13 in W 7 in D 7 in $ 5,000
Childs Wood Riding Horse
Sold S
Child's Wood Riding Horse H 11 in W 35 in D 11 in
Amusement Park Zinc Head... H 9 in W 8 in D 8 in $ 7,500
Carved Wood Leaping Frog Decoy H 1 in W 11 in D 1 in $ 3,600
The Pool Party Wood Folk Art H 6 in W 18 in D 12 in $ 6,500
Carved Wood Pipe with Hand H 2 in W 4 in D 2 in $ 1,200
Circus Wagon Figure Dancing Lady
Sold S
Circus Wagon Figure Dancing... H 40 in W 12 in D 11 in
Wood Folk Art Horse H 13 in W 17 in D 2 in $ 2,400
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