Arthur T. Kalaher Fine Art

          Arthur T. Kalaher Fine Art is located on the East End of Long Island in the historic village of Southampton, New York.  For over 40 years we have provided a tradition of aesthetic excellence in fine art to our clients.  We feature a select collection of both traditional and contemporary artists, including Cappy Amundsen, Ben Benn, James Brooks, Alexander Dzigurski, Francois Gall,  Walter Lansil, Paul Lauritz, Charles Levier, John Little, Piet Ouborg, Michael Patterson,  Rolph Scarlett,  Syd Solomon,  Nahum Tschacbasov, Rinaldo Skalamera, Robert Wood and William Zorach.  In addition, we are known for offering a unique selection of prized local works from the Peconic Bay Impressionists. 

Our gallery is the exclusive repository of the estate of the renowned 20th century Russian/American artist Nahum Tschacbasov, a contemporary of Picasso and Calder.  Tschacbasov produced an intriguing body of art with powerful impact and resonance in today’s world.  In 2013,  Arthur T. Kalaher Fine Art presented a retrospective of his work at the National Arts Club in New York City.        
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Joe Chierchio Rosie the Riveter
Joe Chierchio "Rosie the Riveter" H 30 in W 21 in D 1 in $ 3,800
Joe Chierchio Checkered Flag
Joe Chierchio "Checkered Flag" H 27 in W 34 in D 1 in $ 3,800
Sweet Ride
"Sweet Ride" H 22 in W 33 in D 1 in $ 3,200
Joe Chierchio Sheena Queen of the Jungle
Joe Chierchio "Sheena, Queen of the... H 22 in W 32 in D 1 in $ 3,200
Nahum Tschacbasov Dance
Nahum Tschacbasov "Dance" H 72 in W 48 in D 1 in $ 26,000
Earl Kenneth Bates Autumn
Earl Kenneth Bates "Autumn" H 20 in W 24 in D 1 in $ 3,800
Howard W Klippert Gloucester
Howard W. Klippert "Gloucester" H 20 in W 24 in D 2 in $ 2,800
Nahum Tschacbasov Sisters
Nahum Tschacbasov "Sisters" H 24 in W 18 in $ 2,000
O M Rechetnikov Red Roses
O. M. Rechetnikov "Red Roses" H 39 in W 34 in D 1 in $ 4,200
Hjalmar Amundsen Cape Anne Harbor
Hjalmar Amundsen "Cape Anne Harbor" H 20 in W 26 in D 2 in $ 3,800
Moses Soyer "Woman in Pink" H 22 in W 12 in $ 4,800
Michael Patterson "Light Rhythms" H 36 in W 48 in D 2 in $ 7,600
Paul Lauritz "After the Snow" H 31 in W 43 in DIA 1 in $ 12,000
Alexander Dzigurski "California Dreaming... H 24 in W 36 in D 1 in $ 5,200
Keith Oehmig "Summertime" H 16 in W 20 in D 1 in $ 3,200
Cavalier Michele Federico "Early Morning Surf,... H 12 in W 16 in $ 2,400
Nahum Tschacbasov "Ship of Fools" H 30 in W 36 in D 1 in $ 15,000
Children on the Beach
"Children on the Beach... H 20 in W 16 in D 1 in $ 1,800
Cavalier Michele Federico "Capri" H 27 in W 35 in D 2 in $ 4,200
Illio Giannaccini "Nude with Gypsy" H 19 in W 16 in D 2 in $ 4,200
Marion Gray Traver "Afternoon Ice Skate... H 16 in W 12 in DIA 1 in $ 3,500
Honore Theodore Camos "Yellow-Crested... H 22 in W 18 in D 1 in $ 3,600
Marion Gray Traver "Sleigh Ride" H 20 in W 16 in D 1 in $ 3,200
Francois Gall "Apres le Bain" H 14 in W 10 in $ 7,200
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