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          Bicycle Fine Art curates thoughtful selections of original works of art for interior design projects for both private and corporate collections. Bicycle values the importance of introducing an artwork into a home and collection; each acquisition requiring guidance, trust, and deliberation. We are passionate about supporting emerging artists and are committed to fostering close connections between collectors and artists.  We pay special attention to pairing the energy of an artist’s work with the designer's style and intimate aesthetic of the collector. We represent a highly talented group of contemporary artists from across the United States, most notably from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Virginia, and New York --whose work includes painting, printmaking, sculpture, glass, and more. <br>

All works are available to be viewed by appointment at the New York Design Center in Manhattan or on approval.<br>

Bicycle Fine Art has been presented in design vignettes at the New York Design Center, the Interior Design Building, the high profile Design on a Dime charity event, and DIFFA's 20th Annual Dining by Design as part of the 200LEX NYDC room styled with FAIR. We have additionally participated in the Flatiron Design Collective’s First Fridays Artist Salon Series and featured in the New York Design Center’s ‘What’s New, What’s Next 2015‘. Our work has been highlighted in Lonny Magazine's “Small-Space Tricks from the World's Top Designers", MPLSART.COM, and<br>

Bicycle Fine Art offers collection management, curatorial services, acquiring and selling works of art, artist studio visits, art handling, digitizing collections, framing and reframing, artwork rentals, research and site-specific commissions.        


Lisa-Thi Beskar Art Advisor, Curator

Lisa-Thi Beskar is an art advisor, curator, and collector living and working in New York City. Beskar launched Bicycle after spending 18 years as a director dealing in 15th-19th century natural history works, maps and atlases, and antique furniture. Returning to her first love with Contemporary Art, she is now devoted to the philosophy of acting as a driving force for brilliant emerging artists by exposing their work to a larger audience. With her formal education concentrating in both the studio arts and art history, Beskar uses her eye for excellence in design and a fierce no nonsense approach to promoting fresh artists. Over the years, she has cultivated close personal relationships with numerous artists and collectors, and has worked with both private and large corporate collections in New York City, Connecticut, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

Mia Wendel-DiLallo Writer

Mia Wendel-DiLallo is an arts writer from New York City. She contributes research and writing to the Bicycle Fine Art blog. As a gallery manager and writer she has worked closely for various NYC and Brooklyn galleries, venues, and organizations.

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Christopher Saunders Far Nearer Tomorrow H 60 in W 66 in Request Price
Dan Sabau Spotted Eye Study H 16 in W 16 in Request Price
Dan Sabau Purple Girl H 9 in W 9 in Request Price
Dan Sabau Study of the Gaze H 27 in W 23 in Request Price
Dan Sabau Study of Saul H 8 in W 8 in Request Price
Dan Sabau Untitled H 39 in W 25 in Request Price
Eric Lee Untitled, 3 H 6 in W 10 in $ 1,200
Eric Lee In Broad Daylight H 14 in W 14 in Request Price
Eric Lee Untitled, No. 4, 2016 H 15 in W 11 in $ 1,500
Eric Lee Untitled, No 5, 2016 H 15 in W 11 in $ 1,600
Eric Lee Untitled, 2 H 10 in W 6 in $ 1,200
Eric Lee Untitled, No. 1, 2016 H 12 in W 9 in $ 1,300
Eric Lee Łódź H 14 in W 14 in Request Price
Eric Lee Untitled, No. 3, 2016 H 11 in W 15 in $ 1,750
Eric Lee Untitled, No. 2, 2016 H 11 in W 15 in $ 1,400
Eric Lee Untitled, 1 H 10 in W 6 in $ 1,200
Eric Lee Skein, 2016 H 15 in W 12 in $ 1,800
Eric Lee Untitled, No. 6, 2016 H 11 in W 11 in $ 1,300
Chad Fonfara A Raft of Revelations, 2014 H 36 in W 27 in D 24 in Request Price
Chad Fonfara Throes, 2015 H 14 in W 12 in D 7 in Request Price
Neal Perbix Untitled (Set of 4), 2015 H 14 in W 81 in $ 3,400
Danielle Voight And So it Happened, 2014 H 24 in W 36 in Request Price
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