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Caldwell Gallery Hudson is an exciting retail extension of The Caldwell Gallery, which was established in 1973. Since that time our firm has built a solid reputation for delivering the highest quality fine art, at any budget level, for both beginning and seasoned collectors. The passion we have for bringing extraordinary artworks into the lives of our clients is achieved with the highest level of expertise and discretion. Our firm’s success can be seen on the walls of private homes, museums, and corporations throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. We hope to assist you with your collecting needs.
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Paul Burlin Composition
Paul Burlin Composition H 37 in W 36 in Request Price
Ogden Pleissner Red House Rindge NH
Ogden Pleissner Red House, Rindge, NH H 27 in W 30 in Request Price
Irene Rice Pereira Pier
Irene Rice Pereira Pier H 24 in W 30 in Request Price
Eleanor Parke Custis At the Dry Dock Gloucester MA
Eleanor Parke Custis At the Dry Dock, Gloucester... H 12 in W 14 in Request Price
John Leslie Breck New England Village H 16 in W 12 in Request Price
Charles (Karel Joseph) Biederman 1-35 H 17 in W 23 in Request Price
Jimmy Ernst Untitled H 8 in W 8 in Request Price
John Mare Man in Blue H 40 in W 31 in Request Price
Ralph M. Rosenborg Subjective Farm Landscape H 24 in W 30 in Request Price
Oscar Edmund Berninghaus The Snow Covered Trail H 9 in W 12 in Request Price
Frederick I. Kann Untitled H 15 in W 22 in Request Price
Gertrude (Mrs. John MacLean) Magie Knitting H 11 in W 18 in Request Price
Theodore Earl Butler Farm Orchard in Winter,... H 24 in W 29 in Request Price
Yasuo Kuniyoshi Circus Girl H 11 in W 9 in Request Price
Eric Sloane Barn in Winter H 23 in W 32 in Request Price
Lester F. Johnson Men Walking #1 H 73 in W 71 in Request Price
Balcomb Greene Bois de Vincennes H 44 in W 54 in Request Price
William Wallace Jr. Gilchrist Girl with Doll H 15 in W 10 in Request Price
Grace Hartigan Still Life with Cucumber H 29 in W 30 in Request Price
Isabel Bishop Interlude H 32 in W 20 in Request Price
Paul Burlin Heads or Tails H 23 in W 39 in Request Price
Sally Michel Chess Game H 42 in W 50 in Request Price
Irene Rice Pereira Untitled Abstract H 18 in W 14 in Request Price
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