Charles Wilson Antiques and Folk Art

Phyllis and Charles Wilson have been dealers in American Anqtiques and Folk Art since 1981. We have found and placed important americana in great collections. We specialize in unusual figural cast iron, important wood carvings, maritime, weathervanes and trade signs. Our gallery is open with a call ahead and we look forward to your visit. we have enjoyed and value immensely  the friendships of our clients and fellow dealers throughout these years.
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Cast Iron Horseshoe Trade Sign
Cast Iron Horseshoe Trade Sign H 20 in W 16 in $ 1,950
Small American Molded Copper Gamecock Weathervane
Small American Molded... H 24 in W 23 in $ 4,950
Large Carved Polychrome... H 33 in W 54 in $ 18,500
Large Wood Carved Shotgun... H 16 in W 168 in D 6 in $ 8,500
White Gas Station Eagle H 33 in W 18 in $ 3,950
John T. Dickman Shooting Gallery Target,... H 19 in W 14 in $ 7,500
Large Heart in Hand Plaque H 11 in W 24 in $ 2,650
Dentzel Goat Carousel Figure H 67 in W 67 in $ 39,500
Molded Copper Rider on... H 26 in W 26 in $ 18,000
Large Pawn Shop Trade Sign H 42 in W 40 in $ 3,950
Fence Post Barn Owl in... H 15 in W 6 in $ 1,850
Dempster Mill Manufacturing Company Cast Iron Buffalo Windmill... H 15 in W 18 in D 5 in $ 4,500
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