Colletti Gallery

          With one of the world's finest collections of antique posters and decorative arts, the Colletti Gallery showcases masterworks from the late nineteenth through the early twentieth centuries. Specializing in important works of the highest quality, Colletti offers a large inventory from the 1890's Belle Époque and Art Nouveau eras through the 1920's and 30's Art Deco and Modern periods.

The poster collection includes pristine works by major artists such as Mucha, Chéret, Toulouse-Lautrec, Cassandre, and Dudovich. The Colletti Gallery also offers exceptional examples of decorative arts by pivotal period artists such as Gallé, Majorelle, Loetz, and Kiss in addition to elegant Biedermeier and Empire furnishings.

Located in downtown Chicago's Oak Street, the Colletti Gallery is an important resource for those interested in collecting artworks -- from the serious collector to the first-time buyer. The gallery's museum-quality posters, furnishings and artifacts provide a rich repository of attainable artworks. As the seasoned collector knows, these works only become more and more rare and, over time, increase in value. While paintings by many of the artists featured are now prohibitively priced for most collectors, original lithographic posters and decorative arts still provide an outstanding opportunity to own a piece of art history.        
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*ON SALE* Italian... H 37 in W 22 in D 21 in $ 3,900
Georges de Feure *ON SALE* French Art... H 101 in W 36 in $ 4,900
*ON SALE* Magnificent Dutch... H 101 in W 81 in D 31 in $ 23,000
Jules Cheret *ON SALE* Pastel Drawing of... H 24 in W 15 in $ 13,500
*ON SALE* Pair of Austrian... H 22 in W 27 in D 18 in $ 9,000
*ON SALE* Austrian... H 73 in W 48 in $ 4,650
Theophile Alexandre Steinlen *ON SALE* French Turn of... H 53 in W 38 in $ 23,000
*ON SALE* French Art... H 14 in DIA 5 in $ 3,100
Leopoldo Metlicovitz Rare Italian Stone... H 80 in W 57 in $ 28,000
Italian Art Deco Period Burled Walnut Dining Table c 1930s
*ON SALE* Italian Art Deco... H 29 in W 56 in D 41 in $ 9,000
Marcello Dudovich "Strega," Italian... H 80 in W 56 in $ 28,000
*ON SALE* French Art Deco... H 27 in W 42 in DIA 42 in $ 22,000
Swedish Art Deco Period... H 17 in W 35 in D 19 in $ 4,400
Georges-Henri Pingusson *ON SALE* French Art Deco... H 28 in W 21 in $ 2,750
*ON SALE* French Art Deco... H 29 in W 27 in D 27 in $ 9,500
Jean-Adrien Mercier *ON SALE* "Salons... H 31 in W 23 in $ 1,700
*ON SALE* Murano Glass... H 47 in W 36 in D 1 in $ 4,800
*ON SALE* Murano Glass... H 46 in W 36 in D 1 in $ 6,100
Rene Vincent *ON SALE* Monumental French... H 88 in W 124 in $ 11,500
*ON SALE* Austrian... H 75 in W 48 in D 26 in $ 6,500
*ON SALE* Austrian... H 68 in W 28 in DIA 15 in $ 5,500
Julius Klinger German Sparkling Wine... H 27 in W 37 in $ 2,450
*ON SALE* Austrian... H 48 in W 23 in D 23 in $ 5,100
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