Galerie Jean-Louis Danant

          Jean-Louis Danant celebrated the 20th birthday of his Galerie on Avenue Matignon in PARIS. Eversince, he is exhibiting the French and Italian Furniture of XXth century designers, from the Artdeco 1930's to the modern 1970's. 
The refined classical furniture by G.Poillerat, J.Adnet, A.Arbus, J.Royère, J.Pascaud et J.Leleu, mets there the lighting by Félix Agostini, ceramics by J.Mayodon and G.Jouve, as well as the Italian Design from the 50's to the 70's, with Fontana Arte, G.Ponti, G.Crespi, R. Scarpa, Ettore Sottsass and A. Mendini. Some modernist pieces shown by Michel Boyer, P.Evans, Ado Chale et V.Panton. 
Otherwise, the gallery organizes some exhibitions , for classical or contemporary sculptors, from A.Deluol to R.Bir and M.Metz, M.Torfeh, from V.Roman, F. Brouard to J-P.Formica and Igor Ustinov, from E.Gilioli, V.Tarabella, R.Couturier, to T.Philolaos, S.Dubuisson, Manuel Simon, and J.Knight.        
to Galerie Jean-Louis Danant
Pair of Brass and Resin Table Lamps Italy 1970s
Pair of Brass and Resin... H 33.86 in W 15.75 in D 9.84 in $ 4,200
 ISA Pair of Armchairs by ISA Manufacture Italy 1960s
ISA Pair of Armchairs by ISA... H 31.5 in D 29.53 in $ 6,600
Edouard Cazaux Vase Par Edouard Cazaux 1930s
Edouard Cazaux Vase Par Edouard Cazaux, 1930s H 9.06 in W 8.66 in $ 3,600
Gilbert Poillerat Important Wrought Iron Floor Lamp by Gilbert Poillerat Circa 1946
Gilbert Poillerat Important Wrought Iron... H 71.65 in DIA 19.69 in $ 20,000
Romeo Rega Pair of End Tables by Romeo Rega 1970s
Romeo Rega Pair of End Tables by Romeo... H 14.17 in W 31.5 in D 14.17 in $ 7,600
Robert Jean Cloutier Beautiful Deep Blue and White Vase by Cloutier Brothers
Robert & Jean Cloutier Beautiful Deep Blue and... H 14.57 in DIA 8.27 in $ 9,000
Primavera Atelier du Printemps Important Vase by Primavera 1930s
Primavera Atelier du Printemps Important Vase by Primavera... H 14.96 in DIA 8.66 in $ 5,900
Gio Ponti Two Silvered Metal Hands by Gio Ponti for Sabattini 1978
Gio Ponti Two Silvered Metal Hands by... H 13.78 in W 4.72 in D 1.97 in $ 4,000
Anthony Redmile Original Tortoise Table by... H 18.9 in DIA 33.46 in $ 12,500
Felix Agostini High Sculpted Bronze Wall... H 53.15 in W 20.47 in D 5.91 in $ 21,500
Luciano Frigerio Gilt Bronze Mirror, by... H 34.65 in W 34.65 in $ 6,000
Gabriella Crespi Gilt Brass Mirror by... H 15.75 in W 12.99 in $ 3,500
Giovanni Gariboldi Mahogany and Parchment... H 47.24 in W 35.43 in D 15.75 in $ 8,000
Jules Leleu Set of Dining-Room Chairs... H 44.88 in W 20.08 in $ 28,000
Romeo Rega Large Brass and Steel... H 29.53 in W 62.99 in D 18.11 in $ 9,800
Felix Agostini Impressive Bronze and... H 23.62 in W 50.39 in D 7.09 in $ 21,000
Franco Adami Original Bronze Elephant by... H 7.87 in W 14.17 in D 5.12 in $ 16,500
Victor Roman Giltbronze Coffee Table ... H 13.39 in W 55.12 in D 31.5 in $ 22,500
Felix Agostini Gilt Bronze Floor Lamp by... H 55.91 in DIA 16.54 in $ 22,000
Ignazio Gardella Pair of Wall Sconces by... H 11.81 in W 9.84 in D 13.78 in $ 11,500
Robert Couturier Woman Bronze Sculpture by... H 13.78 in W 1.97 in D 3.94 in $ 19,500
Paul Dupré-Lafon Mahogany Cabinet by Paul... H 45.28 in W 72.83 in D 20.47 in $ 36,000
Max Ingrand Pair of Glass Wall Sconces... H 8.27 in W 4.72 in D 5.51 in $ 10,000
Jacques Duval-Brasseur Lovely Gilt Brass and... H 32.68 in W 12.2 in D 7.87 in $ 7,200
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