Get Back Inc.

Get Back Inc. is the birthplace of the nation’s premier vintage industrial furnishings, designed by Irishman Tim Byrne. His vision of upcycling industrial era relics into modern statement pieces is built on a foundation of superior materials, craftsmanship, ingenious design and uncompromising integrity. Get Back Inc. was launched in 2000 and has gained an international reputation for one-of-a-kind pieces that celebrate the American industrial heritage through high style, vintage beauty, and superior durability. We build heirlooms that possess a compelling narrative quality, ranging from tables, large and small, to innovative shelving, seating, lighting and more. It’s all proudly designed and made in the USA. Visit our 5,000-square-foot showroom in an old factory in Oakville, Conn., to see our sophisticated design solutions that possess good old-fashioned American muscle, or head to our website at (860) 274-9991
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Charles Ray Eames Vintage Herman Miller Eames Aluminium Group Soft Pad Lounge Chair
Charles & Ray Eames Vintage Herman Miller Eames... $ 1,400
Tim Byrne Swing out Seat Table with Cast Iron Attached Seats with Steel Metal Top
Tim Byrne Swing out Seat Table with... H 30 in W 96 in D 30 in $ 8,600
Vintage Industrial Iron Steel TV Media Stand Machine Age Gold Stamping Machine
Vintage Industrial Iron... H 47 in W 24 in D 33 in $ 6,200
Tim Byrne Vintage Industrial Iron... H 29 in W 72 in D 30 in $ 6,995
Cast Iron Steel and Wood... H 38 in W 28 in D 24 in $ 5,200
Vintage Industrial Steel ... H 26 in W 78 in D 22 in $ 24,000
Vintage Industrial Riveted... H 20 in DIA 15 in $ 2,150
Antique Cast Iron Press,... H 16 in W 18 in D 11 in $ 1,150
Vintage Industrial Riveted... H 28 in DIA 14 in $ 1,450
Tim Byrne Pair of Vintage Industrial ... H 20 in DIA 23 in $ 10,000
Vintage Industrial Wood and... H 36 in W 74 in D 27 in $ 3,200
Vintage Industrial Riveted... H 19 in DIA 15 in $ 2,150
Vintage Industrial Cast... H 30 in W 30 in D 64 in $ 22,000
Vintage Industrial Wood ... H 33 in W 34 in D 25 in $ 2,800
Antique Metal and Glass... H 52 in W 28 in D 19 in $ 2,200
Cast Iron & Wood Swing... H 14 in W 30 in D 14 in $ 500
Vintage Industrial Wood and... H 13 in W 72 in D 42 in $ 2,450
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