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Hirschl & Adler Galleries was founded in 1952 by Norman S. Hirschl and Abraham M. Adler. In 1967 Stuart P. Feld joined the firm as a partner, and since 1982 has served as its President. Originally housed in the Marguery Hotel on Park Avenue, the gallery moved to a townhouse on East 67th Street in 1958, and in 1977 relocated to a handsome landmark townhouse at 21 East 70th Street. In February 2011, Hirschl & Adler moved to expanded quarters in The Crown Building at the world-renowned crossroads of Fifth Avenue and 57th Street, where the gallery continues to specialize in American and European paintings, watercolors, drawings, and sculpture from the eighteenth through the early twentieth centuries; American prints of all periods; and American decorative arts from 1810 to 1910. Its contemporary arm, Hirschl & Adler Modern, has developed a select group of established and emerging realist artists and also features American and European art from the Post-War period. 
Each year, the gallery assembles about a dozen special exhibitions exploring historical and contemporary themes, or examining the work of individual artists, past and present. Most of these exhibitions are accompanied by scholarly catalogues and other publications. The gallery provides a wide range of services to its client base of private collectors, museums, architects, interior designers, art consultants, and other dealers.
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John Rutherford Boyd Ellipses with Perpendicular Fold
John Rutherford Boyd Ellipses with Perpendicular... H 13 in W 4 in D 7 in $ 7,000
Frederick Brosen Eight Roses
Frederick Brosen Eight Roses H 7 in W 5 in $ 6,000
Paul Kelpe Collage Construction
Paul Kelpe Collage Construction H 13 in W 17 in $ 35,000
Stanley John Jan Twardowicz Maine 15 1975
Stanley John (Jan) Twardowicz Maine #15-1975 H 13 in W 9 in $ 2,000
John Rutherford Boyd A Sequence of Distorted Ellipses
John Rutherford Boyd A Sequence of Distorted... H 17 in $ 10,000
Frank Walter Distant Black Cliffs with... H 3 in W 3 in $ 4,500
Frank Walter Volcano, Red Sky H 3 in W 3 in $ 4,500
Frank Walter Black Trunk, Pink &... H 15 in W 7 in $ 20,000
Frank Walter Dark Sunset H 3 in W 3 in $ 4,500
Alfred Leslie Untitled, from Permanently H 17 in W 14 in $ 3,000
Alfred Leslie Untitled, from Permanently H 17 in W 13 in $ 3,000
Georg Forster Still Life: Grapes, Peaches... H 12 in W 14 in $ 18,000
Diana Horowitz Riverside Drive at 158th,... H 10 in W 14 in $ 3,800
John Atherton The Bass Season [Cover for ... H 26 in W 20 in $ 35,000
Diana Horowitz From 158th H 12 in W 12 in $ 3,800
Fan-Carved Mantel in the... H 66 in W 90 in D 13 in $ 125,000
Nicolino Vicompte Calyo New York and Brooklyn from... H 26 in W 39 in $ 385,000
English Naïve School Portrait of Four Children... H 60 in W 54 in $ 175,000
Thomas Adrian Fransioli Mt. Etna from Taormina H 15 in W 28 in $ 28,000
Thomas Adrian Fransioli Copley Square, Boston H 24 in W 30 in $ 55,000
Ray Spillenger Untitled (Zig 4) H 65 in W 90 in $ 55,000
Thomas Satterwhite Noble View of Gravesend Bay H 18 in W 14 in $ 40,000
Douglas Cooper Eldridge St. H 60 in W 48 in $ 16,500
Edmund Henry Garrett Phlox and Delphinium by the... H 25 in W 30 in $ 20,000
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