H.M. Luther

61 East 11th Street
New York City, NY 10003
United States
          Founded in 1947, H.M. Luther has long been a favorite of knowledgeable interior designers and discerning clients. The company’s expert dealers specialize in rare and unique twentieth century and period works by the most celebrated designers from Scandinavia and Continental Europe. Exceptional quality is the hallmark of the thoughtfully curated collection. Their lighting, furniture and decorative  pieces are expertly restored and will add beautifully to your own home.  H.M. Luther has a gallery at 61 East 11th Street in Greenwich Village, New York. The entire collection can also easily be viewed at www.hmluther.com        
A Pair of French Bronze and... H 18 in W 4 in D 2 in $ 5,600
A Pair of Swedish Grace Period Birch and Rosewood Chairs
A Pair of Swedish Grace... H 35 in W 18 in D 23 in $ 7,600
French Parquetry Rosewood... H 43 in W 38 in D 16 in $ 38,000
Paul Frankl Paul Frankl Handsome... H 20 in W 28 in D 16 in $ 3,900
Edward Zajac Edward Zajac Large... H 74 in W 52 in D 1 in $ 36,000
Rare Swedish Grace Period... H 28 in W 27 in D 15 in $ 12,500
Rhodonite Onyx and Silver Box
Rhodonite, Onyx and Silver Box H 1 in W 5 in D 3 in $ 1,850
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