Jon Urgoiti

Calle Lagasca 19
*Madrid 28001
          Jon is an experienced antiques dealer with a remarkable career of more than 25 years. He is esteemed by  the incessant search for new and original pieces and the fine taste to mix ages and styles.
He is is specialized in 18th century, French decorative Arts of the early  20th century and Italian design.
Not only  he sells unique pieces, objects and luminaries, with a past and a story to tell, but also advises to find the perfect place and look with all its splendor.        
Stilnovo An original ceiling lamp by... H 49.21 in W 29.53 in D 29.53 in $ 6,500
Willy Rizzo A dining table by Willy... H 29.53 in W 51.18 in D 51.18 in $ 6,500
Stilnovo An original ceiling lamp by... H 39.37 in W 31.5 in D 31.5 in $ 5,200
A pair of plaster... H 15.35 in W 74.8 in D 3.94 in $ 3,400
An Italian ceiling lamp by... H 43.31 in W 22.44 in D 22.44 in $ 4,800
Carlo Nason A table lamp by Carlo Mason... H 28.35 in W 9.84 in D 9.84 in $ 2,700
Romeo Rega A small commode signed by... H 17.72 in W 25.2 in D 16.14 in $ 3,200
A round table in the style... H 20.87 in W 25.59 in D 25.59 in $ 2,900
A pair of bamboo Italian... H 30.31 in W 28.35 in D 19.69 in $ 2,800
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