Kunsthandel Kolhammer

          The art Gallery “Kunsthandel Kolhammer” has been adorning the antique district in the Viennese city center for quite some time now. With much love and passion the young entrepreneurs lead their shop, containing a wide selection of art objects. Besides the specialities of Wiener Werkstätte, glasses by Loetz and the Werkstätte Hagenauer, the two Kolhammer brothers acquired a broad spectrum of general knowledge of art objects from the time around 1900. In addition to unique high quality pieces of the Jugendstil in general, the customer will find rare and precious objects by Louis Comfort Tiffany. They also offer a selection of genuine furniture suites and single pieces by famous wood workshops like Thonet, J. & J. Kohn and Portois & Fix. Kunsthandel Kolhammer is among the permanent exhibitors at Austria’s most important art fairs. Nikolaus and Florian have participated in almost 20 fairs across the globe. In 2016 they were selected as participators at the “New York Spring Masters” fair and celebrated one of their biggest successes at an art fair ever. In February 2017 attendance at the “Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antique Show” follows this success. In the future the two brothers want to present their enterprise in other countries like China, Japan, the USA and Great Britain.        
to Kunsthandel Kolhammer
 Loetz Secessionist Loetz Cytisus Vase in Argentor Mount ca 1902
Loetz Secessionist Loetz Cytisus... H 10.63 in W 5.91 in $ 10,585
 Loetz Loetz Johann Loetz Witwe Jack in the Pulpit Vase ca 1901 Rusticana
Loetz Loetz Johann Loetz-Witwe... H 7.09 in W 4.33 in D 3.54 in $ 3,765
 Loetz Loetz Pink Vase with Silver Swirls Decor Model No 118 ca 1911
Loetz Loetz Pink Vase with Silver... H 5.12 in DIA 6.3 in $ 3,645
Loetz Loetz Vase ca. 1899... H 6 in $ 4,585
Loetz Exquisitely Shaped Large... H 8.66 in DIA 4.72 in $ 2,705
 Loetz Loetz Gustav Gurschner Lamp Rusticana Vienna ca 1902 Art Nouveau
Loetz Loetz, Gustav Gurschner,... H 24 in W 12 in $ 25,865
Loetz Loetz Signed Early Silver... H 3 in DIA 4 in $ 4,235
Loetz Golden Loetz Vase Candia... H 7.48 in $ 2,355
Loetz Loetz Titania Vase with... H 8.66 in $ 4,475
Loetz Highly Iridescent Loetz... H 5.91 in DIA 2.76 in $ 3,880
Loetz Loetz Vase Phenomen Gre 3... H 5.12 in DIA 2.36 in $ 4,470
Loetz Loetz Vase Flowers Hand... H 2.76 in DIA 5.51 in $ 2,295
 Loetz Signed Loetz Vase ca 1899 Phenomen Gre 7501 for E Bakalowits
Loetz Signed Loetz Vase ca. 1899... H 9 in DIA 5 in $ 6,350
Loetz Loetz, Early Vase Decor... H 4.33 in DIA 5.91 in $ 4,590
Loetz Loetz Vase Phenomen Gre 3... H 5.12 in DIA 2.36 in $ 4,470
Loetz Johann Loetz Witwe Very... H 5.51 in $ 5,295
Loetz Loetz Extraordinary Vase,... H 11.42 in $ 8,465
Loetz Loetz Pair of Vases, Medici... H 6 in DIA 6 in $ 10,585
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