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          Established in 2004 in Berlin, Lampedo Gallery is focused on European continental furniture. In 2009 it relocated to New York. For the past two decades owner Markus Winter has catered to the most inspired designers of the industry. He has introduced furniture by architects such as Karl Friedrich Schinkel, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Bruno Paul or Gio Ponti into both public and private collections.
In 2004 Markus Winter curated, along with Brian Kish, the first exhibition in America on Guglielmo Ulrich and in 2008 he organized the first exhibition on Luisa and Ico Parisi in Germany. In 2015 Lampedo presented the first exhibition in the United States devoted exclusively to furniture designed by Berlin architects between 1910 and 1930. Among the protagonists were Leo Nachtlicht, Oskar Kaufmann, Bruno Paul, Fritz August Breuhaus de Groot, Eduard Pfeiffer and Lajos Kozma.        
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A German Expressionist Red... H 30.71 in W 20.08 in D 1.18 in $ 1,100
A German New Objectivity... H 26.38 in W 18.9 in D 12.99 in $ 1,250
A Set of Four New... H 32.68 in W 18.11 in D 21.26 in Request Price
Bruno Paul A Caucasian Walnut Sideboard H 33.46 in W 102.36 in D 24.02 in Request Price
Ico Parisi A Dresser from the Urio... H 31.5 in W 38.98 in D 15.75 in $ 2,500
Bruno Paul An Oak Fauteuil No. 6126 H 33 in W 22 in D 23 in Request Price
Hilla Rebay Abtract Composition H 12.2 in W 16.54 in Request Price
Charles van Beerleire A Belgian Mahogany Art Deco... H 31.89 in W 38.58 in D 19.29 in $ 5,700
A Turned Arts & Crafts... H 28.74 in W 16.93 in D 16.93 in $ 1,400
Bruno Paul An Art Deco Serpentine... H 33.07 in W 40.94 in D 17.72 in $ 4,000
An Expressionist Rococo... W 29.13 in D 22.44 in $ 3,800
A Six Light Bohemian... H 26.38 in DIA 33.86 in $ 2,300
Paolo Buffa A Rosewood and Gilt Bronze... H 29.92 in DIA 50.39 in Request Price
Paul Huwald A Pair of Brass Sconces H 27.56 in W 13.78 in D 5.91 in $ 1,400
Ico Parisi A Wall Mounted Carved... H 6 in W 39 in D 12 in Request Price
Vico Magistretti Chimera Floor Lamp H 70.87 in DIA 8.66 in $ 1,800
A Turned Rosewood Side Table H 18.5 in DIA 11.81 in $ 1,100
Franz Xaver Unterseher A Tabernacle Mirror H 22.44 in Request Price
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