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          Le TRIANON is considered by many collectors and designers as a premiere source of museum quality antiques and works of art. As Architectural Digest notes “this is the place to visit,” other articles by Town and Country, the New York Times….“A pleasant discovery in the Berkshires!”

Over the years Jean-Henri and Colette and now their sons Alexander and Eric through their travels have assembled a fine collection where each piece has been acquired with thoughtful attention to quality and provenance. They have combined their passion for rare and fascinating items for connoisseurs, collectors, designers and dealers alike. Le Trianon offers only the finest in period furnishing and accessories including English, French, Italian and Continental. Within the collection one could find cabinet makers like Jean Baptiste Boulard, Martin Ohneberg, Jean Baptiste Sene, George Jacob, and Joseph Stockel as well as examples of Thomas Chippendale and Ince and Mayhew.

Le Trianon carries hundreds of artists covering a broad range of styles and periods including Henner, Van Den Velde, Miro, Renoir, Valtat, Chase, Sargent, Silva, Martin-Ferrieres, Guillaumin and Dufy. Whether you are a novice collector or a season collector we provide services that help you fulfill your collecting needs. Le Trianon provides qualified art consultation services for its discerning collectors, building on and enhancing existing collections, as well as helping establish new collections. Le Trianon stands out from other galleries because of its exceptional art selection and its profound involvement and knowledge of the art and artists.

Our goal is to help one navigate through the fascinating world that we have come to love and enjoy over the years. The passion for the arts will endure the test of time as one will discover and be able to pass on to future generations.        
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Jean Salabet Montmatre by Jean Salabet H 22 in W 25 in D 2 in $ 4,800
A Walnut & Inlaid... H 34 in W 30 in D 17 in $ 11,500
Gaston Sebire At The Seaside by Gaston... H 33 in W 39 in $ 8,500
A Fine & Rare Louis XV... H 39 in W 61 in D 28 in $ 18,500
Walter Granville-Smith La Promenade dans le Jardin... H 40 in W 32 in DIA 2 in $ 28,500
Louis Sola Still Life by Louis Sola H 31 in W 37 in $ 4,500
Alois Arnegger Springtime by Alois Arnegger H 30 in W 42 in $ 6,400
Yolande Ardissone Harmonie Rose by Yolande... H 29 in W 25 in $ 5,500
Merio Ameglio Parisian Street Scene H 26 in W 29 in $ 4,500
Merio Ameglio Notre Dame, Autonne H 26 in W 29 in $ 4,500
Lucien Adrion Figures in a Landscape by... H 29 in W 39 in $ 8,500
Yolande Ardissone Giverny, aux Bord du Lac H 37 in W 44 in $ 6,000
Yolande Ardissone Bles a Saint Philibert by ... H 38 in W 46 in $ 9,800
Alois Arnegger Winter View of Kitzbühel,... H 30 in W 42 in $ 4,800
Michael Gloeckner Of Forms & Sunlight H 25 in W 25 in $ 3,500
Michael Gloeckner L’Hotel by Michael Gloeckner H 38 in W 28 in $ 4,800
Georges Georoy Danse Poupe H 30 in W 25 in $ 2,800
George-Henri Tribout A Fauvist Female Nude H 55 in W 42 in $ 35,000
A Fine German Baroque... H 74 in W 61 in D 21 in $ 8,900
A Louis XVI Kingwood &... H 29 in W 46 in D 27 in $ 12,800
An Unusual & Rare Louis... H 35 in W 50 in D 24 in $ 12,500
Jacob Freres A Fine Empire Ormolu... H 35 in W 50 in D 24 in $ 8,800
William Samuel Horton Still Life H 35 in W 40 in $ 12,800
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