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CONTEMPORARY FINE ART AND SCULPTURE – This is our passion. Since 2004, we have sought out, represented and exhibited exceptional contemporary artists. The majority are mid-career and senior Canadian artists who have received international recognition for their talents.
HISTORICAL CANADIAN SECONDARY MARKET SALES - This is our privilege. Since 2014, our consultants have assisted private individuals wishing to either sell or acquire historic Canadian works of significance. We have brokered sales of work by Tom Thomson, Lawren Harris, JEH Macdonald, Emily Carr, Frederick Banting, and many others that have been featured in our annual Secondary Market exhibition.        


Dana Charles Logistics and Communications Coordinator

Dana makes sure that work is exported safely and that it reaches its destination on time. She also coordinates communications from the gallery. She has an art degree from Ontario College of Art and Design University.

Sandra Goldie Director

Sandra (or "Goldie" as she is known) has a passion for the arts. She has a degree in Interior Design from Ryerson University and an honours degree in Fine Art from Concordia University. A painter herself, she owned an art gallery in the heart of Montreal for many years, where she developed relationships with several outstanding artists from Quebec and Ontario. She joined the Oeno Gallery in 2012 where she leads the team that collaborates with interior designers and architects. She also plays a significant role, curating shows and maintaining relationships with the represented artists.

Carlyn Moulton Owner and Curator

Carlyn founded the gallery in 2004. A lifelong collector, art enthusiast and writer, she is passionate about pushing the boundaries of the gallery and continuing to introduce exceptional Canadian artists to collectors. She formerly pursued graduate studies in history, philosophy and religion. She is dedicated to community building, and has served on many boards, including the Women's Cultural Building Collective, Nightwood Theatre, Surrey Place Foundation, the County Cultural Roundtable, and The County Community Foundation.

Shayne Dark Glacial Series: Drop Stones... H 259 in W 270 in D 91 in $ 90,000
Jeremy Guy Murmuration H 99 in W 60 in D 36 in $ 48,000
Cathy Daley Untitled No 10 H 40 in W 83 in $ 14,000
Philippe Pallafray Temps Zero H 72 in W 48 in D 48 in $ 15,000
R. Clarke Ellis First Dance H 97 in W 28 in D 22 in $ 8,300
Viktor Mitic Red Gold H 96 in W 24 in D 24 in $ 24,000
Floyd Elzinga Medium Pine Cone H 40 in W 29 in D 29 in $ 4,800
Ken Hall The Hunt H 96 in W 96 in D 480 in $ 32,000
Tim Forbes Eclipse H 64 in W 36 in D 36 in $ 30,000
Charles Pachter Moose Relief I H 60 in W 36 in D 2 in $ 8,500
Anne O'Callaghan Urn H 72 in W 60 in D 60 in $ 34,000
Rick Lapointe Arbusto H 168 in W 72 in D 96 in $ 20,000
Marlene Hilton Moore Silent H 14 in W 24 in D 14 in $ 12,000
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