Peter Suchy Jewelers

1137 High Ridge Rd
Stamford, CT 06905
United States
          Integrity, honesty, trust, knowledge and years of experience are the qualities consumers look for when choosing a jeweler. When it comes to vintage, estate and antique jewelry, those qualities are even more important. For over 30 years, Peter Suchy Jewelers has been in the business of collecting and selling vintage and estate jewelry and specializes in antique diamond engagement rings and signed pieces.
Peter Suchy Jewelers is an old-fashioned brick-and-mortar jewelry store located in Stamford, Connecticut and our motto has always been: “Every one of our clients is important to us; without their trust, we would not be here.” In fact, visitors to the store have dubbed it a “Vintage Jewelry Museum” that houses over 10,000 pieces of jewelry—each piece with its own unique history.
Peter started in the jewelry business as a jewelry repair man and goldsmith. His love of gemstones and antique jewelry led to his study of diamonds and colored stones as well as antique and estate jewelry. From these humble beginnings, he has built one of today's most successful estate jewelry businesses. He is now considered an expert on diamonds and colored stones as well as vintage and estate jewelry.        
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