Rayon Roskar

477 Greene Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11216
United States
          Rayon Roskar has spent 19 years honing a niche sensibility, focusing on the early to mid-century Swiss design with particular emphasis on Alfred Muller’s technical lighting systems and the Swiss lighting design power house BAG TURGI.
Our aim is to discover and recover works of designers, artist and creatively skilled independent craftsmen particularly the anonymous talents who entertain our imagination and dreams.
 In 2013 Rayon Roskar relocated its main showroom from Geneva, Switzerland to Brooklyn, NY. The new space operates across two levels of a Brooklyn brownstone, dubbed “the Living Gallery”, inviting the viewers to experience and approach the showroom acquisitions in a home and office setting, rather than in a traditional showroom. Rayon Roskar is excited to engage with design enthusiasts to reveal a contemporary approach to living with and collecting unique Swiss modernist works.        
Coaching Table, England 1920s H 28 in W 35 in D 23 in $ 1,800
Shotcrete Sculpture,... H 18 in W 31 in D 16 in $ 3,400
Snowflake Kilim, Northern... H 67 in W 40 in $ 2,400
Venini Pair of Swan Wall Lamps by... H 12 in W 11 in D 5 in $ 1,800
Embru Embru Utility Table,... H 27 in W 20 in D 16 in $ 2,700
Embru Embru Utility Table,... H 27 in W 20 in D 16 in $ 2,700
Venini "Ventaglio"... H 10 in W 12 in D 8 in $ 1,200
Modernist Wall Lamp,... H 5 in W 6 in D 16 in $ 2,600
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