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          Solomon Suchard Antiques & Fine Art was founded in 1991 by Blake and Monica Kemper.  We are principally show dealers exhibiting from Chicago to New York and south to Florida and Texas.  We have sold to U.S and French museums and private collectors.  We work privately with clients to assist them building their antiques and fine art collections.

Over the past 20 years we have become the leading U.S. importer of antique French Faience, hunting in France for unique pieces of antique faience from the 18th - early 20th centuries with a focus upon exceptional 19th century pieces from Quimper. 

Our French fine art focus is upon impressionist and post- impressionist paintings from Brittany (1860 – 1960) by listed artists who painted with Paul GAUGUIN in Pont Aven or who followed in his footsteps in the Breton plein-air art colonies.  Many paintings that we offer are by art professors.

We have exhibited at hundreds of charity antiques shows across America, including in Winnetka and Hinsdale, Chicago Botanic Garden and Merchandise Mart, New York Ceramics Fair and 26th Street Armory, Greenwich, Bedford, Katonah, Wilton, Palm Beach, Naples, Houston Theta and Dallas Tri-Delta Charity Shows,        
to Solomon Suchard Antiques & Fine Art
Andre Lhote Nu Allonge H 11 in W 19 in $ 14,750
Jean-Baptiste ARNAUD-DURBEC Pecheurs sur la Riviere H 15 in W 12 in $ 2,875
Jean LAGRU La R'eddition des... H 18 in W 25 in $ 2,450
Leon BELLEMONT Sardiniers au Mouillage H 10 in W 12 in $ 3,875
Andre MERIEL-BUSSY Maisons de Pecheurs dans l&... H 8 in W 12 in $ 2,875
Emile DEZAUNAY Bouquet de Fleurs H 8 in W 6 in $ 4,500
Louis MAUREY Les Goemoniers dans la... H 9 in W 12 in $ 2,875
Andre DEMOLY Les Lavandieres a Plomarc&... H 14 in W 17 in $ 4,875
Jean VIOLLIER Le Gouter des Vignerons $ 4,250
Rene PIOT Bouquet de Fleurs H 17 in W 16 in $ 7,500
Pierre VAN POUCKE Nature Morte aux Poissons H 21 in W 28 in $ 4,875
Jean JULIEN Nu Debout H 15 in W 12 in $ 2,875
Leopold PASCAL Bouquet de Fleurs H 23 in W 19 in $ 4,875
Charles PICART LE DOUX Paysage de Montagne H 19 in W 23 in $ 5,875
Jean JOINTER Plein Soleil H 19 in W 23 in $ 5,875
Jacques GASTON-MOREAU La Cote d'Azur - Sur... H 19 in W 24 in $ 4,500
Elisee MACLET La Flotille d'Anvers H 8 in W 10 in $ 2,750
Gaston POTTIER Le Plomarc'h sur la... H 14 in W 17 in $ 4,250
Ludovic VALLEE Nature Morte au Pichet Vert H 12 in W 15 in $ 6,500
Ernest CORRELEAU La Vase de Camelias H 17 in W 14 in $ 5,875
Maurice CAHOURS Rue Anime´ en Bretagne H 9 in W 12 in $ 2,875
Marcel DEPRE Les Voiliers a Lesconil en... H 8 in W 16 in $ 2,875
Paul ARZENS La Baie de Benodet en Bretagne H 12 in W 15 in $ 4,875
Ernest GUERIN Les Sardinieres au... H 14 in W 17 in $ 5,500
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