The Goldsmith Ltd. of Chicago

          Established in 1967, The Goldsmith Ltd., on Michigan Avenue, specializes not only in fine and antique jewelry, but also in masterfully executed one-of-a-kind pieces.  

We have always strived to create multi-generational relationships, build an appreciation for the craft of jewelry design and deliver unforgettable pieces.  At the Goldsmith Ltd, we do not focus on any singular style, genre, or period, instead we focus on giving each client’s style a voice.  The Goldsmith Ltd.’s owner and designer, Sherry Bender, delights in creating just the right statement piece for her customer or breathing new life into old treasures by reconstruction and redesign. 

Sherry, the creative force behind The Goldsmith Ltd. says, “Even after many years in the business, I enjoy the challenge of finding or creating the perfect piece.  I know I have succeeded when a customer tells me years after receiving a Goldsmith creation, that it is their most cherished piece of jewelry.”        
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