Vallarino Fine Art

          Vallarino Fine Art, Ltd. offers one of the most diverse selections of 19th and 20th -century American and European paintings from 1850 - 1950.   We are committed to exhibiting only the finest examples from the Barbizon, Hudson River, American Ex-Patriot, American Impressionist, French Post-Impressionist and Modernist traditions.   Important paintings from these schools are on display year round, including rural landscapes, marine paintings, cityscapes, genre scenes, portraits, interior views and still lifes.   Works chosen for their quality, beauty and integrity are available for viewing in a uniquely welcoming gallery setting.
Located in a beautiful townhouse on the upper east side of Manhattan, Vincent Vallarino Fine Art was recently profiled by Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine, where we were noted for our unique concept and approach.   With the explicit goal of providing a high degree of personal attention and connoisseurship, we've tailored the gallery space to provide the utmost comfort and intimacy.   We've designated the gallery "An American Salon" to describe the elegant, rich atmosphere reminiscent of the private Parisian Salons where many of our artworks may once have hung.   Separate viewing spaces allow visitors to see works of fine art in a classic, 19 th -century style Salon, a modern, light-filled room, or an intimate study.   Unlike the formal, museum-like settings of many galleries, we seek to make clients feel at home when visiting and to be ever available to assist with their collecting needs.   Through a combination of personal attention, years of expertise, and an ideal setting for study and discussion of works of fine art, we strive to provide a unique viewing experience and to foster rewarding, long-term relationships with our clients.        


Vincent Vallarino Principal

Vincent Vallarino has many years of experience as an artist, collector and a dealer in fine art. From 1989 until 2006, Mr. Vallarino co-owned The Greenwich Gallery along with partner Abby Taylor. An establishment recognized for the diversity of its offerings of American and European art, The Greenwich Gallery grew to be one of the leading galleries in the United States and among the largest regional galleries in the world. In addition to his work as a dealer in fine art, Mr. Vallarino is also a photographer and collector. His photographs are exhibited in national and international collections and works from his private collections have been donated to such institutions as the Currier Gallery of Art in Manchester, New Hampshire and the International Center of Photography in New York.

to Vallarino Fine Art
Charles Green Shaw High Noon
Charles Green Shaw High Noon H 50 in W 40 in Request Price
Thomas Downing Ambilobe, c. 1972 H 150 in W 90 in Request Price
Vivian Springford Untitled, 1976 H 49 in W 51 in Request Price
John Stephan Disc #2, 1974 H 36 in W 34 in Request Price
Michael Goldberg Untitled, c. 1960 H 11 in W 15 in Request Price
Josef Ongenae Vina I H 39 in W 39 in Request Price
Sam Francis Untitled 1980
Sam Francis Untitled, 1980 H 63 in W 48 in Request Price
Sam Francis Untitled 1950
Sam Francis Untitled, 1950 H 32 in W 22 in Request Price
Sam Francis Abstract Figures H 11 in W 8 in Request Price
Jack Roth Rope Dancer H 75 in W 85 in Request Price
Conrad Marca-Relli The Pool Game H 48 in W 55 in Request Price
Lynne Mapp Drexler Glouchester Yellow
Lynne Mapp Drexler Glouchester Yellow H 44 in W 48 in Request Price
Perle Fine Figure Descending a Ladder
Perle Fine Figure Descending a Ladder H 43 in W 48 in Request Price
John Millard Ferren Mojave #1 H 50 in W 82 in Request Price
Alexander Liberman Orb XIV H 60 in W 45 in Request Price
Raymond Parker Untitled, 1965 H 21 in W 24 in Request Price
Charles Green Shaw Interior No. 2 H 35 in W 30 in Request Price
Kenzo Okada Untitled, c. 1970 H 36 in W 48 in Request Price
Charles Green Shaw Symphony in Gray, Yellow,... H 50 in W 40 in Request Price
Marilyn Minter Goldie
Marilyn Minter Goldie H 40 in W 26 in Request Price
Michael Loew Green Depths H 76 in W 54 in Request Price
Norman Bluhm Untitled, 1955 H 22 in W 30 in Request Price
Mary Abbott Bird Diamonds H 60 in W 48 in Request Price
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