Hollis Taggart Galleries, Chelsea.

521 W 26th Street, 7th Floor New York, NY 10001
For information call 212.628.4000 or visit www.hollistaggart.com

For the past 36 years, New York’s Hollis Taggart Galleries has worked ardently to support and promote the field of American art. Thanks to its inventory of museum-quality works, groundbreaking exhibitions, and frequent collaborations with esteemed institutions, the gallery has earned a stellar reputation among collectors, curators, and connoisseurs alike.

The gallery, which specializes in significant works from a range of pivotal American movements, recently opened a new location in Chelsea’s gallery district. The 4,000-square-foot space is bright and airy, occupying the entire seventh floor of a building that includes three other galleries. Located about twenty yards from the stairs up to the bustling High Line and in close proximity to the Whitney Museum of American Art’s new building, the gallery’s President Hollis Taggart said, “[The new space] puts us right in the heart of where the activity seems to be moving in the city.”

Hollis Taggart Galleries, Chelsea.

After a four-month renovation, the move into the state-of-the-art Chelsea space took an additional four months. Taggart said, “It was a lot of organizing, packing, getting set up -- it was quite an undertaking.” But, in the end, the hard work was worth it. “It has more than doubled our exhibition space, enabling us to do more far-reaching exhibitions, said Taggart. “The gallery will continue to specialize in American Abstract Expressionism and historical works, but we’re adding a contemporary element to the business model here in Chelsea.”

Catherine Murphy (b. 1946) Red Pages, 2003. Oil on canvas, 60 x 60 inches Courtesy of Peter Freeman, Inc. Photo credit: Nicholas Knight.
Brenda Goodman (b. 1943) Untitled a1, 2012. Oil on wood, 72 x 72 inches. Courtesy of Brenda Goodman and Life on Mars Gallery.

Hollis Taggart Galleries will kick off this exciting new chapter with the exhibition Painting is Not Doomed to Repeat Itself (September 24-October 31, 2015). Curated by the internationally acclaimed critic and poet John Yau, the exhibition will celebrate the diversity of contemporary painting by showcasing artists who have reimaged what it means to be a painter in the twenty-first century. The show will feature works by fourteen contemporary painters, including Squeak Carnwath, Brenda Goodman, Merlin James, Catherine Murphy, and Philip Taaffe, all of whom are working in new and innovative styles, dispelling the notion that there is no new aesthetic ground left to be broken in painting.

Hollis Taggart Galleries will continue to operate the elegant, by-appointment space it has occupied on the Upper East Side for the past two decades. According to Taggart, “We will continue to use the space for private meetings, small openings, and to show particularly important works in a more private setting.”

Hollis Taggart Galleries’ Chelsea location is currently open Monday-Friday, 10AM-5PM.