Just Andersen

Danish, 1884 - 1943
Just Andersen (1884-1943) was an internationally famous Danish designer of the early 20th Century. Andersen and his wife Alba started their own firm in 1918, primarily creating gold and silver jewelry. However, it was his bronze, pewter, and "Disko" metal decorative arts that made his reputation international. Andersen collaborated with Goldsmedjarnas Aktiebolag (GAB Brons) in Sweden while also owning showrooms in New York, Los Angeles, London and Berlin. The superb craftsmanship and beautiful patinas of his timeless designs have made Just pieces consistently collectable and highly sought after.
Just Andersen Just Andersen Danish Bronze... H 18 in DIA 23 in $ 11,000
Just Andersen Large Just Andersen... H 12 in DIA 10 in $ 15,000
Just Andersen A Danish Patinated Bronze... H 13 in W 30 in D 5 in $ 9,800
Just Andersen Table Lamp in Silver by... H 15 in W 5 in D 5 in Request Price
Just Andersen Just Andersen A Danish Patinated Bronze Table Lamp
Just Andersen Just Andersen, A Danish... H 26 in $ 8,200
Just Andersen Danish Art Deco Period ... H 4 in DIA 4 in $ 1,800
Just Andersen Seven Cup Candelabra by Just Andersen
Just Andersen Seven Cup Candelabra by... H 8 in W 21 in $ 1,600
Just Andersen Inkwell by Just Andersen ... H 4 in W 7 in D 7 in $ 1,200
Just Andersen Candlestick by Just... H 8 in W 18 in D 3 in $ 1,500
Just Andersen An Elegant Danish Bronze... H 8 in DIA 4 in $ 7,600
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