Gio Ponti

Italian, 1891 - 1979
Gio Ponti was a highly influential Italian architect/designer and the creative force behind Domus magazine, which he edited from 1928 to 1941 (and again from 1948 to 1979). He was also a faculty member of the school of architecture at the prestigious Milan Polytechnic and practiced architecture and design professionally with Alberto Rosselli. While he broke new ground in the fields of design and furniture-making, Ponti is perhaps best known for the Pirelli Tower, a 33-story skyscraper in central Milan that was built with 33,000 cubic meters of pre-stressed, reinforced concrete.
A master in all areas of design, Ponti often worked day and night to ensure that the interiors of his buildings (and in some cases, oceanliners) were custom fitted with creations of his own doing. His furnishings, which can be found in the catalogs of over 120 companies to this day, include the groundbreaking Superleggera ("super light") and Cassina chairs, as well as his brass-casted lamps and sleekly shaped mirrors.
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Gio Ponti Gio Ponti Commode for Singer Sons
Gio Ponti Gio Ponti Commode for... H 37 in W 47 in D 19 in $ 68,000
Gio Ponti Set of 10 "... H 32 in W 16 in D 19 in $ 29,000
Gio Ponti Sculptural Gio Ponti Style Lounge Chairs
Sculptural Gio Ponti Style... H 38 in W 28 in D 33 in $ 10,500
Gio Ponti Gio Ponti Drawing "... H 13 in W 11 in D 1 in $ 3,500
Gio Ponti Gio Ponti Drawing of Boots... H 13 in W 11 in D 1 in $ 3,500
Gio Ponti Lidded Box by Gio Ponti for... H 4 in W 3 in D 3 in $ 4,500
Gio Ponti Two Silvered Metal Hands by... H 13.78 in W 4.72 in D 1.97 in $ 4,400
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