In 1921, Paolo Venini, a lawyer from Milan, and Giacomo Cappellin, an antiques dealer from Venice, established a glass factory in Murano—a series of islands famous for its glass making. Venini and Cappellin enlisted the painter Vittorio Zecchin to serve as the artistic director. In 1925, Venini and Cappellin went their separate ways and Venini established Venini & C. with Napoleone Martinuzzi serving as artistic director. Venini distinguished itself by creating designs that were rooted in the Venetian glass making tradition, but also embraced Modernism. Venini enlisted a number of important Modernist designers and architects, including Carlo Scarpa, Gio Ponti, and Tyra Lundgren, to create pioneering works for them. Paolo Venini, who designed a number of well-known pieces himself, managed the company until his death in 1959. Venini continues to produce art glass and art lighting today.    

 Venini Venini Circo Di Lune Glass Steel Sculpture
Venini Venini "Circo Di Lune... H 17 in W 22 in D 6 in $ 12,800
 Venini Studio Venini Pendant Murano Italy
Venini Studio Venini Pendant,... H 31 in W 12 in $ 2,200
Venini An Assortment of Venini... H 12 in W 6 in D 5 in $ 800
Venini Three Studio Venini... H 19 in W 9 in D 10 in $ 2,800
Venini White Reticello Murano... H 44 in DIA 24 in $ 5,625
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