Piero Fornasetti

Italian, 1913 - 1988
(from Fornasetti's Secret, an introduction to the book Fornasetti: Conversation with Philippe Stark)
A singular designer, craftsman, poet and marvelous draftsman. Piero Fornasetti (1913-1988) stands apart in the world of Italian design as one of the most prolific decorative artists of the twentieth century. Mixing both art & craft, his rich work is the fruit of an unbounded imagination and a real virtuosity at telling stories through furniture, objects and decoration. The diversity of his surreal motifs, many of them tromp l'oeils, are living proof of a very special and fantastic talent, founded in the key virtues of precision, humor and elegance. fornasetti's inventive magic allowed him to blend imagery extravagance with peerless craftsmanship, to mix techniques and materials with supreme liberty, and thus produce a unique body of work.
Piero Fornasetti Pair of Fornasetti Cameo Lamps
Piero Fornasetti Pair of Fornasetti '... H 25 in DIA 5 in $ 4,700
Piero Fornasetti Brass Hat and Coat Rack... H 74.8 in DIA 23.62 in Request Price
Piero Fornasetti Two Italian Mid-Century... H 81 in W 81 in D 1 in $ 23,999
Piero Fornasetti Set of Five Fornasetti Plates H 4 in W 10 in D 11 in $ 2,800
Piero Fornasetti Set of Four Malachite... H 9 in DIA 8 in $ 1,400
Piero Fornasetti Fornasetti "Roman... H 17 in DIA 35 in $ 11,000
Piero Fornasetti Fornasetti Porcelain Bowl... H 1 in DIA 5 in $ 950
Piero Fornasetti Piero Fornasetti Table Lamp... H 16 in DIA 4 in $ 3,200
Piero Fornasetti Rare Trompe L'oeil... H 81 in W 80 in D 2 in $ 55,000
A Pair of Fornasetti Style... H 25.98 in W 5.51 in D 5.51 in $ 4,150
Brass, Black Glass with... H 39 in W 35 in D 3 in $ 3,890
Piero Fornasetti "Instruments of Design... H 12 in W 1 in D 4 in $ 900
Piero Fornasetti Folding Screen H 115 in W 152 in D 1 in $ 95,000
Piero Fornasetti "Angolo di Spogliatoio... H 79 in W 78 in D 1 in Request Price
Piero Fornasetti “Architettura” Cabinet by... H 86 in W 31 in D 16 in $ 110,000
Piero Fornasetti Fornasetti Glass and Brass... H 16 in W 35 in D 23 in $ 7,500
Piero Fornasetti Center Table by Piero... H 31 in DIA 43 in $ 12,500
Piero Fornasetti Hot Air Balloon Plate by Fornasetti
Piero Fornasetti Hot Air Balloon Plate by... H 1 in DIA 10 in $ 595
Piero Fornasetti Cocktail Table, Piero... H 16 in DIA 45 in $ 12,500
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