Park Dong Yoon, Affectionate Things 201304, 2013. Hanji (traditional Korean mulberry paper) on canvas, 59.8 x 118.5 x 3 in.

Alternate views of Affectionate Things 201304 by Park Dong Yoon. The folded Hanji paper surface creates a dimensional quality to the work, and color shifts when viewed from different perspectives.

How Synergy Between Art, Design and Architecture Inspired Gallery Bisunjae

Gallery Bisunjae is located in Hannam, an affluent neighborhood of Seoul in South Korea. The art gallery was founded in 2015 out of a “natural connection” between art and design, according to Nack-soon Jang, gallery owner and the chairman of Korean architecture and interior design firm CES Architecture Co. LTD., well known for its work on luxury residential projects in Seoul. Jang spoke with Incollect about his lifelong passion for art, architecture, and interiors. 

by Benjamin Genocchio 

Nack-soon Jang, founder, Gallery Bisunjae

What made you decide to open a gallery?

My passion for art began more than four decades ago. I was always attracted to a diverse range of artworks including Goryeo and Joseon period antiques, as well as modern and contemporary art. My career in architectural interior design naturally integrated with my growing personal art collection. I happily found out that art played an essential role in enhancing interior spaces. Recognizing the synergy between art and architecture, I was inspired to establish a gallery. The gallery officially opened its doors on August 15, 2015, marking the 70th anniversary of Korea’s liberation from the Japanese. 

How often do you do shows? 

Gallery Bisunjae presents approximately four exhibitions annually. These curated presentations showcase both international and Korean contemporary artists. This initiative celebrates artistic diversity and excellence and fosters cultural exchange and dialogue through art.

Left:  Kwon O-Bong, Untitled 2017, 2017. Acrylic on canvas, 76.77 x 102.3 in. Right: Installation view of the work at Gallery Bisonjae. 

A view across the second floor of Gallery Bisunjae.


The gallery building is special and unusual. Can you tell us who designed the interior?

The building was initially used as a residence. I designed the space myself and transformed it into a gallery. Windows were designed to enhance views of the scenery outside blending harmoniously with the artwork. Unlike a typical white cube gallery space, we created here a home-like environment with natural sunlight to help visitors feel at home and more comfortable while viewing the artwork. This private and more intimate viewing space integrating art, design and architecture I think differentiates us from other galleries.

Left:   Shin Ki Ock, Line Rhythm, 2023-116, 2023. Acrylic on canvas, 24 x 24 in. Right: Shin Ki Ock, Line Rhythm, 2023-104, 2023. Acrylic on canvas, 24 x 24 in. 

What kind of design or architecture projects does CES Architecture Co. LTD do? 
The main thrust of my architectural design practice has always been the home: I create a house you want to see, a house you want to live in, and I have worked on the finest luxury residential villa projects in Seoul. In 2014 we were ranked first in Korea for luxury home design.

Shin Ki Ock, Line Rhythm 2023-65, 2023. Acrylic on canvas, 38.1 x 51.5 in.

What does the gallery exhibition program focus on?

What I value most when deciding to present a gallery exhibition is trust in the artist, their process of work, their future possibility, and their development. For me, the most meaningful part of this job is finding, nurturing, and supporting artists so they can present a great show. 

An installation view of the current exhibition at Gallery Bisunjae, “On Spiritual Resonance” showing the work of Shin Ki Ock.

What is your current show?
The current show is titled “On Spiritual Resonance” and the artist is Shin Ki Ock. Shin Ki Ock is an abstract painter and founding member of the Origin Art Association in South Korea. I chose him because he has so much experience as an artist and I believe the work he makes will resonate with viewers. He also has a very clear intention and vision as an artist and an incredible work ethic.  

Shin Ki Ock, Line Rhythm 2023-89, 2023. Acrylic on canvas, 28.7 x 35.4 in.

Tell us about Korean art. What inspires Korean artists and art in general?

Korea is a country with four unique and different seasons, and the changing environmental factors of spring, summer, fall, and winter are an important source of inspiration for many artists. They tend to be inspired by the beauty of nature and the changing landscapes as the seasons change. At the same time, we can see that Dansaekhwa, or Korean minimalism is deeply entrenched in Korean society. Perhaps Koreans were seeking solace in Dansaekhwa or minimalism during periods of change, but it has endured in popularity. Regardless of the reason, artists recognize this social phenomenon and try to express their thoughts and feelings about it through minimal works. 

Gi Seong Lee, Kalpa no 22100-095, 2022. Mixed media on canvas, 38.2 x 63.75 in.

Another artist you show that I like is the Korean painter Gi-Seong Lee. Tell us about his unusual style of making art. 
Gi-Seong Lee has been working with steel powder for a long time. Through his work he expresses the cyclical process of nature; everything changes over time and returns to nothing. The artist pours steel powder on the canvas and forms his desired image by using a brush, a squeegee, and even his hands. I like Lee's work because it reflects Korean spirituality. His works are monochromatic compared to other Korean artists and also unique due to the specificity of the materials and the process he uses. No one else paints like him.

Left:   Andy Denzler, Study for Unknown Man I, 2020. Oil on canvas, 60 x 50 x 5 in.  Right: Andy Denzler, Out of the Dark, 2019. 15.75 x 11.81 x 1.97 in. 

An installation view from “Paintings of Disruption,” the 2022 exhibition of Andy Denzler’s work at Gallery Bisunjae.

Which Western artists do you show in Korea? 

I've exhibited many Western artists over the years, but for me, Andy Denzler stands out. He is from Switzerland, and we had an exhibition of his works made in Germany. I admire Denzler's work because it lies between abstract and figurative painting, coexisting between the real and unreal at the same time. This September, we will also be exhibiting Ugo Lee, a Korean artist living in France. What these two artists have in common is that their paintings make people think, and imagine. 

Left: Yang Ho Yoon, Zeit Geist, 2017. Mixed media on canvas, 63.8 x 51.2. Right: Yang Ho Yoon, Selbst Fragen 19-20-107, 2019–2020. Mixed media (pigment) on canvas, 46 x 35.8 in.

Do you work with architects and interior designers on projects to help them place art in buildings and homes? 
In South Korea, art began to play an increasingly important role in the interior design business, especially for luxury homes, beginning in the late 1990s. I have and continue to advise on space design for luxury villa developers, especially where the clients want quality art so I am able to offer a more integrated interior design concept.  

Left: Hyun-sik Kim, Delve into the profound, 2021. Acrylic color on epoxy resin, 31.5 x 31.5 in. Right: David Kim Whittaker, Turning to Touch, 2004. Oil and acrylic on canvas, 48 x 35.8 in.

Seoul has grown as an art hub in Asia in the past few years. What is behind this growth?
The growth of K-pop and Korean media has helped promote Korean culture and art, which has led to more interest in Korea from abroad and more capital being invested here. Koreans have also become far more interested in buying art and interior design which is being fueled by fast and continuous economic growth in South Korea. 

You are involved with Arshexa, a huge art storage facility opening at Seoul’s Inchon Airport. How is it going, and how are you involved?

The Incheon Freeport Art Storage has applied for a building permit and will start construction this year. Agreements have been signed with partners and 70% of the storage center is already booked before building completion. I’m working on many art projects in conjunction with the Incheon Freeport Art Storage and it is keeping me busy!

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