Wexler Gallery

201 N. 3rd St.
Philadelphia, PA 19106
United States
          Challenging the traditional labels that categorize art, Wexler Gallery exhibits work that coexists in the expressive realms of design, fine art and contemporary glass and ceramics. Questioning and testing the boundaries of these fields, Wexler Gallery aims to present functional and non-functional work that consistently celebrates innovation as much as aesthetic beauty. Wexler Gallery opened in 2000 in the historic district of Old City, Philadelphia. Since then, the gallery has proudly showcased extraordinary work by both master artists and the emerging talent of today.        
Gregory Nangle Cleaving Stool
Gregory Nangle Cleaving Stool H 24 in W 18 in DIA 19 in $ 5,800
Roberto Lugo A Century of Black Music
Roberto Lugo A Century of Black Music H 13 in W 9 in D 16 in $ 14,000
Gregory Nangle Cupric Crystal Slab Table
Gregory Nangle Cupric Crystal Slab Table H 21 in W 19 in DIA 19 in $ 3,200
Roberto Lugo Billie Holiday and Matthew Henson
Roberto Lugo Billie Holiday and Matthew... H 17 in W 10 in DIA 7 in $ 9,000
Andy Paiko Indefinite Sum 5 6
Andy Paiko Indefinite Sum 5-6 H 21 in W 12 in $ 28,000
Gregory Nangle Slab
Gregory Nangle Slab Side Table H 22 in W 20 in DIA 30 in $ 16,000
Gregory Nangle Cleaving Bench
Gregory Nangle Cleaving Bench H 19 in W 72 in D 16 in $ 18,500
Timothy Schreiber E Volved Table
Timothy Schreiber E-Volved Table H 41 in W 41 in DIA 54 in $ 24,000
Gulla Jonsdottir Lava Barstool H 32 in W 18 in D 16 in $ 9,200
Peter Pincus Column III, 2018 H 8 in W 4 in D 3 in $ 1,800
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