The Neo-Traditionals at The Gallery at 200 Lex

The Winter Show and The Gallery at 200 Lex Collaborate with Design Dealers on Show

Photography by Nara Gaisina

The Neo-Traditionals at The Gallery at 200 Lex is the second of two exhibitions focussing on more traditional design held on the 10th floor at the New York Design Center, a collection of 54 vintage, 21st century and antique dealers powered online by For this installment in collaboration with The Winter Show, The Gallery at 200 Lex invited seven members of the fair’s Young Collectors Committee to design vignettes using pieces from their dealers, many of whom participate at The Winter Show. 

Joshua & Kevin Barba-Hill's "A Grand Tour"

Left: Kevin & Josh Barba-Hill, Barba-Hill Design. Right: Michael Diaz-Griffith/Design Leadership Network/“The Antiquarian Boudoir".

Among the young collectors participating are Kevin & Josh Barba-Hill, Allegra Eifler, Michael Diaz-Griffith, Darren Jett, Margaret Schwartz & Kelly Maguire, and Keita Turner. Dealers from the Gallery at 200 Lex who participated in the Winter Show and provided items for each vignette are Clinton Howell AntiquesGuy Regal NYCHyde Park AntiquesLost City ArtsMichael Pashby AntiquesMilord Antiques, and Portuondo.

Keita Turner/Keita Turner Design/“Nostalgic Montage: A Beautiful Mosaic".

Left: Keita Turner, Keita Turner Design & Kelly Maguire/Modern Antiquarian. Right: Margaret Schwartz and Kelly Maguire's "Paloma's Passions".

Darren Jett/Jett Projects/“Piccioni’s Lounge".

Helen Allen, The Winter Show and Darren Jett, Jett Projects.

Allegra Eifler/Allegra O. Eifler Design/“A Writer’s Pied-à-Terre".

Left: A vignette from Allegra Eifler's "A Writer's Pied-à-Terre". Right: Clinton Howell, Clinton Howell Antiques and Allegra Eifler, Allegra O. Eifler Design.

Left: Allegra Eifler, Allegra O. Eifler Design and Fabienne Cosulich, Cosulich Interiors & Antiques. Right: Josh Greene, Josh Greene Design.

Keita Turner, Keita Turner Design; Emily Collins, Doyle Auctioneers & Appraisers; Anderson Somerselle, Somerselle.

Visitors to the NYDC are invited to drop by The Gallery on the 10th floor from now until May 25th to view the exhibition.