Coco, the blogger behind the wildly popular home-design site COCOCOZY, leads a self-proclaimed double life. An executive by day, Coco launched her blog in 2008 with one goal in mind—to offer up some design and style inspiration in a fun, approachable manner. Armed with a charming voice and a keen eye, Coco’s passion project took off. After earning praise from the likes of design guru Jonathan Adler as well as thousands of design-lovers across the globe, Coco launched a luxury textiles line in 2011. Today, in addition to her blogging, Coco has her own line of decorative accessories and has created capsule collections for Tommy Hilfiger and other major luxury brands.

We caught up with Coco, who is based in Los Angeles, to discuss her favorite design looks, how she stays ahead of the curve and much more.

InCollect:  What sparked your interest in interior design?

Coco: I have always had an interest in making a space look beautiful and neat. When I was remodeling the kitchen in my tiny little cottage in the Hollywood Hills, the interest turned into a passion!

The Gate Throw in a bedroom styled by Coco.

InCollect: How did you learn about the subject?

Coco: I learned about interior design by blogging about it.

InCollect: Who are some of your favorite interior designers?

Coco: Jean-Louis Deniot is a French interior designer with impeccable taste. I would love to meet him someday.

InCollect: When it comes to interiors, what’s your favorite aesthetic?

Coco: I am drawn to spaces that blend old and new. My dream space would be a white room with high ceilings, lots of light, large windows and old architectural details, like a carved stone fireplace and decorative molding on the walls, that is filled with modern pieces of furniture and a few classics.  Oh, and some fantastic lighting is always a must!

InCollect: Who are some of your favorite furniture designers? Do you have a favorite period or style?

Coco: I love a Mexico-based design company named Casamidy that works with  local artisans to create contemporary furniture and accessories. I don’t have a favorite period or style as it is more about the lines and the textures of each piece for me.

COCOZY logo textile office chair.

InCollect: How do you discover objects to feature on your blog?

Coco: I go to trade shows, I browse stores . . . and of course where would I be without the internet?

InCollect: What three words best describe your personal style?

Coco: Fresh. Modern. Classic.

InCollect: You have your finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the design world. How do you stay ahead of the curve?

Coco: I stay ahead of the curve by being persistent and consistent. The other day my best friend asked me if I ever get tired of interiors.  My answer was simple.  It was “No.”

 InCollect: In addition to your blog, you design home furnishings. What inspires your designs?

Coco: I came to the world of design as a newbie. I didn’t know all of the “right” things to like . . . I just knew what I liked.  So I created a line of textiles that was what I call accessible chic. I wanted the designs to be easily understood by people who are not design pros while also looking really great.

InCollect: What do you like to do when you are lucky enough to have a little down time?

Coco: This year, I plan on traveling a lot more. I will be heading to the Dominican Republic in the spring and then most likely to France/Europe in the summer.


Images courtesy of COCOCOZY

InCollect: What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Coco: My sister once told me, “Keep doing what you are doing.”  That doesn’t mean getting stuck in a rut . . .  it just means keep at it.

InCollect:  What is something our readers might not know about you (i.e., a secret hobby, passion or interest)?

Coco: My secret is about something I want to do.  Here goes . . . I want to take a hip-hop dance class.   That’s my secret. I’ll add that to the to do list for 2016!

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