Philipp Aduatz


Vienna based Designer Philipp Aduatz (born 1982) works since his diploma in Industrial Design in 2007 at a point of interface between design and art.  All his objects come in limited editions and are fabricated with innovative materials and fabrication technologies.

The main influence of his work are scientific matters, these inputs derive from his doctoral studies where he was concerned with chemistry, physics and material technologies. Another intention of his work is to develop a certain language of form; sculptors like Constantin Brancusi or Tony Cragg were major influences. Aduatz tries to combine in his work traditional craft techniques with innovative implements such as 3D laser scanning, CNC milling or Rapid Prototyping to develop a new discourse.

The flowing style of Philip Aduatz’s furniture draws upon elements from nature and art; organic and almost sculptural elements reflect the fields of association that constitute the creative process. As can be seen in the drafting process of, for example, the “Spoon Chair”, Aduatz never loses sight of the functional purpose of his objects during the course of his experimental excursions into the field of natural science. Through a process of detailed analysis, the designer extracts furniture typologies, conducting comprehensive studies of the materials. The results of this fundamental research are then integrated into a design process that goes through several stages, starting with a hand drawing, to a milled 3D model, the scan of which is then integrated into the final design.

Aduatz designs, produces and merchandises his objects all by himself, he cooperates also with art-galleries worldwide to exhibit his newest creations.

Philipp Aduatz Fauteuil II H 35.83 in W 47.24 in D 37.4 in Request Price
Philipp Aduatz Melting Chair H 30.71 in W 37.4 in D 36.61 in Request Price
Philipp Aduatz Shamrock Table H 29.53 in DIA 61.42 in Request Price
Philipp Aduatz Polymorph Chair H 35.04 in W 16.93 in D 18.9 in Request Price
Philipp Aduatz Flower Chair H 35.43 in W 19.69 in D 22.83 in Request Price
Philipp Aduatz Singularity Table H 18.5 in W 59.84 in D 34.25 in Request Price
Philipp Aduatz Spoon Chair H 49.61 in W 20.47 in D 47.24 in Request Price
Philipp Aduatz Dormeuse H 36.22 in W 59.84 in D 39.37 in Request Price
Philipp Aduatz Drop Lamp H 78.74 in W 27.56 in D 27.56 in Request Price
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