Ron Blumberg

American, 1908 - 2002
Ron Blumberg's early training at the Grande Academie Chau​miere in Paris, combined with his years at the National Academy of Design in New York during the early 1930's, allowed the expression of his artistic creativity to continually evolve. This is most evident in the distinvtive stylistic changes that took place throughout his career as a fine artist. His sensitivity in expressing emotions through his paintings is consistent throughout individual periods that capture the genre and expressions of the day. Museum and gallery exhibitions of his works began in the early 1930's and continued into the late 1960's.

The following images include a selection of Ron Blumberg's earliest work conceived in Paris and New York in 1930-1940, as well as paintings from his
"Psychological Period" from 1947-1951, executed in California. We are also proud to present works from the mid-late 1950's depicting scenes of Los Angeles, historic time capsules of a by gone era.
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