Opening Night VIP Preview Party at the 2017 Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antique Show

The Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antique Show, now in its fourteenth year, kicked off with a packed Opening Night VIP Preview Party on February 15, 2017 at the Palm Beach County Convention Center in West Palm Beach, Florida. The show offers collectors, interior designers, curators, and enthusiasts the opportunity to meet over 175 exhibitors who are known and respected for the high quality of the material they present. 

Incollect has been a sponsor of The Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antique Show since our launch in 2014, and its affiliate, Antiques & Fine Art magazine, has been a media sponsor since the show’s inception. 

  • Packed House on opening night of the Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antique Show
    Packed House on opening night of...
  • Tony Solo, Robin Galanti, Lesley Marlo, Alberto Chuecos
    Tony Solo, Robin Galanti, Lesley...
  • Jean Shafiroff, Anka Palitz
    Jean Shafiroff, Anka Palitz
  • Federico Marino, Indu Beneitez
    Federico Marino, Indu Beneitez
  • Norberto and Robin Azqueta, Todd Merrill, Scott Diament
    Norberto and Robin Azqueta, Todd...
  • Jeff and Irina Fisher
    Jeff and Irina Fisher
  • Priscilla and Dennis Rocca
    Priscilla and Dennis Rocca
  • Ivan Tatarov, Lioudmila Kalinina
    Ivan Tatarov, Lioudmila Kalinina
  • Helene and Brad Jefferson
    Helene and Brad Jefferson
  • Alonzo Reed, Stephen Dori Shin, Sam Kesaris, Doug Green
    Alonzo Reed, Stephen Dori Shin,...
  • Karen and Ken Berke
    Karen and Ken Berke
  • The Samuels family
    The Samuels family
  • Isaac Levy, Ari Rifkin, Cameron Neth
    Isaac Levy, Ari Rifkin, Cameron...
  • Opening night of the 2017 Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antique Show
    Opening night of the 2017 Palm...
  • Opening night of the 2017 Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antique Show
    Opening night of the 2017 Palm...
  • Opening night of the 2017 Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antique Show
    Opening night of the 2017 Palm...
  • Opening night of the 2017 Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antique Show
    Opening night of the 2017 Palm...
  • Opening night of the 2017 Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antique Show
    Opening night of the 2017 Palm...
  • Nicolas Luchsinger, Fred and Jean Sharf
    Nicolas Luchsinger, Fred and...
  • In front of Macklowe
    In front of Macklowe's booth on...
  • Susan Malloy, Jenny Garrigues, Lars Bolander, Leta Austin Foster
    Susan Malloy, Jenny Garrigues,...
  • Sensational entrance sculpture by Thalen & Thalen, represented by Long Sharp Gallery
    Sensational entrance sculpture...
  • Amb. Nancy Brinker, Scott Diament
    Amb. Nancy Brinker, Scott Diament
  • Trinity House
    Trinity House's booth at the...
  • Patrick Killian, Jackie Drake, David Ober, Jenniger Garrigues
    Patrick Killian, Jackie Drake,...
  • Natalie Wilhelm, Leah Klein
    Natalie Wilhelm, Leah Klein
  • Carole Phillips, Polly Onet, Edwina Sandys
    Carole Phillips, Polly Onet,...
  • Peter Planes, John Bianco
    Peter Planes, John Bianco
  • Rachel Grody, Nina Grody
    Rachel Grody, Nina Grody
  • Whitney Baldwin, Alexandra Zavodszka Muldoon, Katarina Zavodszka
    Whitney Baldwin, Alexandra...
  • Sandy Thompson, Patrick Killian, Jackie Drake
    Sandy Thompson, Patrick Killian,...
  • Lars Bolander, Whitney Baldwin, Patrick Killian
    Lars Bolander, Whitney Baldwin,...
  • Mario Nievera, Jackie Drake, Bruce Bierman
    Mario Nievera, Jackie Drake,...
  • Stefani deLaville, Christine Bell
    Stefani deLaville, Christine Bell
  • Peggy Mehia, Grace Meigher, Kate Gubelmann
    Peggy Mehia, Grace Meigher, Kate...
  • Ed and Margie Allinson
    Ed and Margie Allinson
  • Melanie Garnett, Janie Krusy Garnett
    Melanie Garnett, Janie Krusy...
  • Susan Dyer, Scott Moses
    Susan Dyer, Scott Moses
  • Jocelyn and Robin Martin
    Jocelyn and Robin Martin
  • Carole and Richard Higgenbotham
    Carole and Richard Higgenbotham
  • Lionel and Gerry Sterling
    Lionel and Gerry Sterling
  • Brian Saipe, Lars Bolander
    Brian Saipe, Lars Bolander
  • Geoffrey Thomas, Maureen Oxenberg
    Geoffrey Thomas, Maureen Oxenberg
  • Michael and Barbara Crimi
    Michael and Barbara Crimi
  • Lynn Messick, Keith Carrington
    Lynn Messick, Keith Carrington
  • Michael and Barbara Crimi, Patrick Killian
    Michael and Barbara Crimi,...
  • Rachel Lorentzen, Peaches Bauer
    Rachel Lorentzen, Peaches Bauer
  • Barbara Cates, Fern Tailer
    Barbara Cates, Fern Tailer
  • Jim and Abra Wilkin
    Jim and Abra Wilkin
  • Scott Diament, Miranda and Bob Matthews
    Scott Diament, Miranda and Bob...
  • Peggy Moore, David Ober
    Peggy Moore, David Ober
  • Nancy and Jeff Smith, Brewer Schoeller
    Nancy and Jeff Smith, Brewer...
  • Joan and Tim Litle
    Joan and Tim Litle
  • Jacqueline Bloom, Trudi Borchardt
    Jacqueline Bloom, Trudi Borchardt
  • Whitney Baldwin, Chris Hill
    Whitney Baldwin, Chris Hill
  • Tania Derani, Maria Araujo
    Tania Derani, Maria Araujo
  • Amy Hoadley, Scott Diament, Trish Carroll
    Amy Hoadley, Scott Diament,...
  • Kate and Robert Waterhouse
    Kate and Robert Waterhouse
  • John Smiroldo, Scott Diament
    John Smiroldo, Scott Diament
  • David and Jennifer Fischer
    David and Jennifer Fischer
  • Jeff and Nancy Smith, Melanie and Chris Hill
    Jeff and Nancy Smith, Melanie...
  • Jane Ylvisaker, Geoff and Lisa Aldridge, Elizabeth Leatherman
    Jane Ylvisaker, Geoff and Lisa...
  • Trish Carroll, Barbara Crimi
    Trish Carroll, Barbara Crimi
  • Kathy Shelton, Marilyn Shane
    Kathy Shelton, Marilyn Shane
  • Jacob Gross, Missiel Delcorral
    Jacob Gross, Missiel Delcorral
  • Gary Goodwin, Gael Hammer
    Gary Goodwin, Gael Hammer
  • Rob Samuels, Scott Diament
    Rob Samuels, Scott Diament
  • Nicholas Varney, Whitney Baldwin
    Nicholas Varney, Whitney Baldwin
  • Billy Beadleston, Jackie Drake
    Billy Beadleston, Jackie Drake
  • Richard Evans, Kim Heirston Evans
    Richard Evans, Kim Heirston Evans
  • Kim Coleman, Anthony and Mary Underwood
    Kim Coleman, Anthony and Mary...
  • Dorothy Slover, David Laurance, Charlotte Kellogg
    Dorothy Slover, David Laurance,...
  • Susan Brownlee, Sheila Fine
    Susan Brownlee, Sheila Fine
  • Geoffrey Bradfield, Susan Floyd
    Geoffrey Bradfield, Susan Floyd
  • Miller Gaffney, Christopher Smith, Pat Butler, Scott Snyder
    Miller Gaffney, Christopher...
  • Mitch Brown, Scott Snyder
    Mitch Brown, Scott Snyder
  • Michael Barron, Debbie and Todd Barron
    Michael Barron, Debbie and Todd...
  • Trish Savides, Scott Diament, Lisa Marie Browne
    Trish Savides, Scott Diament,...
  • Marianne Andresen, Ania Scheller, Hilke Brinkmann
    Marianne Andresen, Ania Scheller...
  • Maureen Conte, Richard and Diane Reshetar
    Maureen Conte, Richard and Diane...
  • Jasmine Horowitz, Alexis Mersentes
    Jasmine Horowitz, Alexis Mersentes
  • Kathryn and Ashley Maguire
    Kathryn and Ashley Maguire
  • Roric Tobin, Scott Diament, Geoffrey Bradfield
    Roric Tobin, Scott Diament,...
  • Aliison Reckson, Terry Duffy
    Aliison Reckson, Terry Duffy
  • Jeff Lee, Phillip Crawford, Dr. Joe Gretzula
    Jeff Lee, Phillip Crawford, Dr....
  • Helen Stein, Amy Fromer, Don Carter
    Helen Stein, Amy Fromer, Don Carter
  • Steve and JoAnna Myer
    Steve and JoAnna Myer
  • Ellen and Larry Sosnow
    Ellen and Larry Sosnow
  • Mary Donahue, Steve Horn, Linda Horn, Chris Horn
    Mary Donahue, Steve Horn, Linda...
  • Charles Poole, Bruce Langmaid
    Charles Poole, Bruce Langmaid
  • Roby Penn, Barbara Goodwin
    Roby Penn, Barbara Goodwin
  • Michael Kagdis, Karena Kefalas, Joe Cirigliano
    Michael Kagdis, Karena Kefalas,...
  • Bill Gates, Helena Mykhaylova
    Bill Gates, Helena Mykhaylova
  • Scott Diament, Chip Gesner, Jeffrey Diamond
    Scott Diament, Chip Gesner,...
  • Olivia Fleming, Alan Fried, Mandy Krammel, Alexandra Moises
    Olivia Fleming, Alan Fried,...
  • Caroline Chopek Polhemus, Pamela O’Connor
    Caroline Chopek Polhemus, Pamela...

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