Cosulich Interiors & Antiques

          Cosulich Interiors & Antiques is distinguished for its constantly updated Italian selection noted for its artistry, quality and most of all uniqueness. The New York City boutique on the Upper Eastside features a window into hand-selected 20th-century Italian statement pieces and distinctive Venetian Murano glass creations. The Company reputation is based on extraordinary service and performance in lead times as much as a discerning eye, always relevant with the times. Its persistently evolving collection, with the latest introduction of a contemporary Made in Italy customizable line, available in the spacious second location at the NYDC 200 Lex, attracts respected interior designers and collectors worldwide. The founders, Fabienne and Franco Cosulich, both brought up in international environments dedicated to History, Art and Design joined to work together in Italy, France and England where their backgrounds and knowledge allowed them access to exclusive, one-of-a-kind pieces from prestigious Italian villas and European estates. The two stores, with the newest partnership of Sara Bonacina, their daughter, represent the culmination of husband and wife’s family chronicles, world travels and experience.        
Modern One of a Kind Italian Pop Design Pastel Colored Glass Sideboard Cabinet
Modern One-of-a-Kind... H 34 in W 75 in D 17 in $ 16,950
Pino Signoretto Pino Signoretto 1980s Italian Burgundy Red Murano Glass Miniature Armchair
Pino Signoretto Pino Signoretto 1980s... H 9 in W 7 in D 8 in $ 2,950
Formia Murano Formia 1970s Two Fenicio Feather Decorated Purple Brown Murano Art Glass Vases
Formia Murano Formia 1970s Two Fenicio... H 19 in W 9 in D 5 in $ 2,750
Ercole Barovier 1930s Ercole Barovier Six Light Crystal Clear Murano Glass Chandelier
Ercole Barovier 1930s Ercole Barovier Six... H 48 in DIA 32 in $ 9,000
1950s Italian Brass and White Frosted Murano Glass Saucer Chandelier Pendant
1950s Italian Brass and... H 35 in DIA 22 in $ 3,200
Contemporary Italian Pair of Gold Brass and White Glass Chests Side Tables
Contemporary Italian Pair... H 33 in W 33 in D 19 in $ 16,900
 Cenedese Cenedese 1970s Vintage Italian Yellow Green Aqua Blue Murano Glass Candlesticks
Cenedese Cenedese 1970s Vintage... H 19 in DIA 5 in $ 3,000
Venini Venini 1970s Italian Murano... H 3 in W 6 in D 6 in $ 930
Venini Venini 1970s Italian Murano... H 3 in W 7 in D 7 in $ 930
Davide Dona Davide Dona Modern Art Red... H 14 in W 19 in D 14 in $ 2,650
Venini Venini 1970s Italian Murano... H 3 in W 7 in D 5 in $ 930
Contemporary Italian Turquoise Blue Clear Glass Oval Silver Flush Chandelier
Contemporary Italian... H 25 in W 35 in D 17 in $ 14,800
Marzio Cecchi Marzio Cecchi 1970s Italian... H 17 in DIA 28 in $ 5,200
Contemporary Fine Design Italian Lit Black Clear Rock Crystal Nickel Mirror
Contemporary Fine Design... D 2 in DIA 30 in $ 9,950
Ceramica Gatti Contemporary Italian Design... H 9 in DIA 10 in $ 1,900
Andrea Zilio Andrea Zilio Italian Blue... H 9 in DIA 9 in $ 2,400
Luciano Frigerio 1970s Italian Green Leather... H 21 in W 23 in D 15 in $ 5,900
 Fornasa De Murano Vintage Italian Murano Black White Green Yellow Art Glass Paperweight Sculptures
Fornasa De Murano Vintage Italian Murano... H 4 in DIA 2 in $ 590
1950s Italian Vintage Red... H 1 in W 5 in D 3 in $ 805
Barovier & Toso 1970s Barovier Toso Vintage... H 10 in W 8 in D 7 in $ 1,795
Formia Murano Formia 1980s Italian... H 9 in DIA 3 in $ 445
Venini Venini 1970s Vintage... H 10 in W 9 in D 1 in $ 1,795
Formia Murano Formia 1980 Italian Vintage... H 10 in DIA 5 in $ 445
Formia Murano Formia, 1990s Modern... H 6 in W 4 in D 2 in $ 2,850
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