10 Outstanding New Objects to Discover On Incollect

There has never been a better time to be a designer of furniture and interior objects. Debates may rage about taste and style, but there is today more innovation, new technology, and materials available to designers to create new things than at any other time in history.

Incollect supports and promotes innovative design and designers. In this spirit, we have selected 10 objects by 10 designers or brands we believe are well worth knowing. Each of these pieces celebrates bold creativity, inspiring innovation, and the transformative power of a beautifully designed object. 

The Ki Coffee Table by Parisian designer Victoria Magniant features a dramatic and chic finish using the centuries-old Japanese technique Yakisugi, to create a look that is both modern and elemental. Signed and numbered limited edition of 8 plus 4 artist proofs.

Ki Coffee Table by Victoria Magniant 

The hallmark of Victoria Magniant’s designs is attention to finish and quality. For her Ki Coffee Table, she worked with master cabinet maker Thomas Lebecel to create an inspiring design made of three modules that together form a clover leaf, the legs, and the top of the table gently arched in such a way as to suggest the object is floating. The genius of the design is how the raw, refined burnt ash wood structure is made to look weightless and delicate. To create this look and finish the designer and her artisan utilized the traditional Japanese wood technique of Yakisugi to lightly char the surface of the wood, creating texture and color variations. Furthermore, each of the table leaf elements can be used individually making this design both elegant and exceptionally versatile.

The series_00 chair designed by designer/architect Rula Yaghmour is sculpted out of a new medium conceived by the designer. Repurposed waste produced by stone and marble fabricators is turned into multi-layered colorful blocks that reflect the warm hues of the natural stone found in the Levant and the Mediterranean. Offered by Adorno Design.

Kutleh Chair from Adorno Design

Adorno, an online gallery established in Copenhagen, points to the future through the discovery and promotion of independent designers and contemporary craftsmanship from around the world. It is always exciting to see what they discover, such as a series of prototypes for furniture carved from a new kind of manufactured stone block as part of a collaborative project called Kutleh, led by the architect Rula Yaghmour in partnership with a Jordanian stone fabricator. Kutleh — meaning block or mass in Arabic — is made by layering ground stone waste to create new colorful blocks of materials which are then carved into lamps, vases, tables, and chairs like this prototype made of limestone waste for a monolithic chair that has inspiration in artist Roni Horn’s experiments with concrete for chairmaking. The material is beautiful and distinctive and can be color-customized and carved to create any form. The idea of using stone waste as a material for design is brilliant and adaptable to any region around the world. 

The Ipanema Coffee Table by Duistt, also available as a side table.

Ipanema Coffee Table from Duistt

Duistt is a Portuguese brand that has found a way to effortlessly balance timeless modern design and contemporary innovation. An example is their Ipanema Coffee Table, a classic shape reinvented using wood, in this case, white oak, both lacquered and limed, with a fun and funky ombré effect on the legs and finished with hand-turned light bronze hardware. The city of Rio de Janeiro, especially the famous Ipanema beach, is an additional as well as visible source of design inspiration; the lacquer color mimics the natural hue as well as the glow of beach sand, while the rounded edge two-tone legs take inspiration from landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx’s now iconic sidewalk designs made of undulating black and white tile shapes that celebrate the hypnotic ocean waves. Shape, mood, contrast, and color make this pleasing, elegant, handmade design an easy addition to any room. Duistt is known for its fine handcraftsmanship, and all designs can be customized. 

The elegant, Deco-inspired Horta Sconce by Atelier Purcell, the latest design in the Horta suite by Alexander Purcell, which also includes single-leg and three-leg cast bronze and marble consoles.


Horta Sconce by Atelier Purcell

Deceptively simple, the Horta Sconce by the architectural interior designer Alexander Purcell for Atelier Purcell is made using traditional hand-casting techniques combined with contemporary 3D printing. It is part of a broader furniture and lighting collection developed by the designer for custom interior design projects and is available now to retail clients. Luxurious Art Deco design is an obvious source of inspiration for this elegant and sleek sconce which pairs handmade craftsmanship and luxe materials — a marble base that, to quote the designer, “sprouts sinuous bronze arms that lightly envelop an elongated shade.” There is a beguiling lightness and subtlety to the design which looks as if it is floating in a space, an effect heightened by the delicate shapes in shadows cast up and across the wall.

Wind-toppled trees from the forests of Croatia are the materials sourced for Logniture’s organic furniture forms. The Veles Chair is carved from a single piece of wood with no predetermined design — the timber’s knots, grain and rings dictate the form. Each piece is a one-off creation, imbued with the warmth and nobility of the ancient forest habitat.

Veles Chair by Logniture

Expert carving is the basis of everything from Logniture, the Croatian artist-designer team that prides itself on making sculptural furniture that is also eminently comfortable and functional. The Veles Chair is carved using a chainsaw from a single piece of wood in the shape of an armchair and then finished with various power tools. It is unique, like everything they make, with the eventual form determined by the artisan during the process of creation — no two iterations are entirely alike. Though the design is asymmetrical, the creator of this chair incorporated geometrical shapes: for instance, the backrest portrays stylized triangles while the armrests are shaped like two rectangles. Nature is the inspiration for everything they do at Logniture (Veles is the name of the Slavic god of nature) and in this spirit, the designers do not cut down trees for material — rather they search for downed tree logs in local forests and repurpose them for a new life. 

The St. Paul Plaster Side Table is handcrafted in the Bourgeois Boheme Atelier, Los Angeles.

St. Paul Plaster Side Table by Bourgeois Boheme Atelier 

The St. Paul Plaster Side Table by the custom furniture lighting and furniture brand Bourgeois Boheme Atelier is simple and striking in its design. Organic in shape, it is an effortlessly beautiful, fluid, versatile take on traditional pedestal base side tables — and yet so much more. Handmade of snow-white plaster of Paris and finished with durable clear enamel, it is easily integrated into any room or interior scheme. The table can be customized in any color and it also comes in two additional sizes for custom interior design projects — these tables tend to look especially good when a few are combined like nesting tables. 

Matlight Milano’s Butterfly Floor Lamp is designed with alabaster cups and polished brass diffusers to bathe spaces in warm, softly glowing ambient light. The Butterfly series also includes a pendant light and table lamp and is available to order in additional metal finishes.

Butterly Floor Lamp by Matlight Milano 

Matlight Milano is an Italian brand that uses precious materials derived from nature — marble, onyx, and alabaster, combined with bespoke metal fixtures to create inventive and stylish lighting. The designs are the creative vision of founder Matteo Terragni but also have links to Italian post-war light designers, especially Angelo Lelli. The Butterfly Floor Lamp is an elegant lighting design of finely carved alabaster cups and polished brass covers to create a luxurious look and feel. The overall design resembles an abstract butterfly, with the internally illuminated alabaster modules giving off a warm and pleasing glow. A delicate and precious design, and as much a sculpture as a functional lighting source.

Graceful and eye-catching legs, a profile with delicate curves, and a bold inlay design on the top surface drawn together with a luxuriously glossy finish, Kanttari’s elegant console is enigmatic —  Modernist, Deco, Machine Age — you decide. We think it’s a knockout.

Elegant Art Deco Romantic Console by Kanttari

This console by Latvian design studio Kanttari is distinguished by its unusual, unique design as well as by its elegant combination of high gloss wood finishes combined with brass pulls, while the top portion is decorated with dramatic bolts of lightning in brass inlay. This is an enormously attractive design that screams luxury, not just in terms of the expensive materials and finishes but also the arcing curves of the design to create what might be described as modernist chic Not surprisingly every piece is made by hand employing traditional luxury furniture-making techniques and can be fully customized in terms of the needs and taste of the client. There is something timeless about the overall design, too, harking back to classical consoles. This would be wonderful as a platform for stylish lamps or objet d’art display. Fully customizable and made to order in Latvia.

Ovarture Studio’s Dia Chandelier is inspired by the concentric notes found in music, designed to add a playful counterbalance to the sharp angles often found in living spaces. The individual lights can be maneuvered to project light in different directions and the design is fully customizable.

Dia Contemporary LED Chandelier by Ovature Studios

Ovature Studios is the brainchild of the New Zealand-born artist Matt Holleman who today lives and works in Sweden, where every one of his bold designs is handmade in his studio workshop. His designs are made to order, customizable in scale, and height, like the elegantly simple Dia Contemporary LED Chandelier — a handsome, functional, versatile contemporary light that is formed out of swirling sculptural bends and folds of solid brass that support circular pockets of light. The joints of this melodious handmade design are concealed within the LED light sources which can be adjusted to direct and shape the light that they give off. This is contemporary design at its very best — minimal, elegant, and functional but at the same time innovative and new. “We are inspired by organic forms and curious about the subtle changes in repetition found in nature,” the designer explains. Fully customizable in size, scale, arrangement, finish, and hanging.

CAO Luxury’s Brazilia Dining Table is constructed of twin live-edge planks with butterfly joints in either wood or metal. Natural splits in the planks are also reinforced with butterfly joints, adding to the wabi-sabi aesthetic. The table’s canted stone base adds sculptural appeal and plays on the themes of balance and motion.

Brazilia Dining Table by CAO Luxury 

The Brazilia dining table made by CAO Luxury is nothing short of spectacular. The Portugal-based furniture company prides itself on using only the best natural materials and that’s in evidence here — each table is unique and, according to the designers, every oak or walnut wooden top is made from “twin planks of solid wood carved from the central section of the same trunk and joined together using special handmade joints, also made from wood or metal with different finishes.” The outer edges of the planks are left natural and irregular, following the shape of the original tree trunk they are carved from — a beautiful and stylish feature that adds to the unique quality of each one of these tables, which come in a variety of different finishes. The slanted stone base adds dynamic tension and is customizable.