Carlos Motta

The Atelier Carlos Motta was founded in 1978. Ever since its inception, furniture, design, and architecture are the main subjects for work and research.
He is one of today’s leading Brazilian architects and personally executes every step and detail of his creations. He is constantly involved with environmental conservation projects and chooses sustainable sources to create his pieces. His designs use ecologically certified or reclaimed wood, resulting in strong, durable, elegant pieces. Motta is passionate about Brazil, especially the country’s natural beauty.
Education and craftsmanship development
Motta graduated with a degree in architecture in São Paulo, 1976. From 1876-78, he worked as a designer and cabinetmaker in Santa Cruz, California, while attending classes in building techniques at Cabrillo College. Later, in 1981, Motta spent some time in Finland to study and research molded and rolled wood.
Carlos has participated in numerous exhibitions in Brazil and abroad, including Brazil Faz Design, in Milan, Italy; International Biennial of Design, in Saint Etienne, France; Object Brazil – 500 Years of Design, at Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo, Brazil; The London Design Festival, London, UK; 1st Biennal Ibero-American of Design, in Madrid, Spain; Brazilian Design – Modern & Contemporary Furniture, at ZEITLOS Gallery, Berlin, Germany; as well as Used and Reused Wood – Furniture by Carlos Motta(solo exhibition) at ESPASSO.
Carlos Motta Furniture Sofas Chairs & Tables 
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