Daniela Busarello

“Brazilian by birth, Parisian by adoption, Italian intermittently”, is how Daniela Busarello introduces herself. Architect, designer and scenographer, the creations of this young, dark-haired woman, delicate and slim as a reed,are intense and subtle. Exploring her work we discover the influence ofher cosmopolitan environment and a cocktail of elements that combine the passion, light, nature and vitality of Brazil with the thoughtfulness, precision and refinement that she has integrated since her arrival in Europe. In the different spheres in which she expresses her creativity, the themes of introspection and freedom constantly reoccur. Abundance, vitality and generosity permeate her multifaceted career. Trained as an architect, a landscape designer, art teacher and artist, for the rigorous lines and limpid volumes of her houses, she draws her inspiration from infinitely varied urban environments and modernist architecture. One house, in steel and glass, won the 2007 National prize for Architecture in Brazil.
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