OAK Gallery

5 Rue Cardinal Lecot
Bordeaux 33000
          "The purpose of Art is to embody the secret essence of things, not copying their appearance" Aristotle.  

From this famous maxim, Antoine Vignault has developed his own history, refreshing the traditional ways of established systems. OΔK is a creative concept of Art gallery & Design Studio, curated by an artist to promote a whole universe of contemporary artworks mixing sculptures, furniture, photography and objects. The creation of the gallery was an opportunity to invite other talented artists whose universes revolve around OΔK's concept with a language whose relevance is only matched by their creativity. The stars and legends conveying by them in our imagination for millennia are the common basis for the selection of OΔK gallery. As often the secret symbolism and sacred geometry are associated with this approach, the resulting alchemy makes us feel the essence of magic. 
The artists selected by Antoine Vignault for his gallery propose their work in the manner of a creative social network around OΔK Studio and the gallery fee is a support of mutual promotion. Most of the price for the pieces is diverted to each artist for his production.        


Antoine Vignault Owner

Gallery Owner, artist and alchemist

Cecile Ballureau MARCHE OU LA ROUTE TE MENE... H 17.32 in W 70.87 in D 31.89 in $ 125,000
Antoine Vignault RIGEL Side Table
Antoine Vignault RIGEL Side Table H 17.72 in DIA 26.77 in $ 25,000
Elie Hirsch LE CAMELEON Mask H 23.62 in W 9.84 in D 9.06 in $ 10,000
Elie Hirsch NOMMO Mask H 51.97 in W 9.45 in D 8.66 in $ 10,000
Elie Hirsch AUTOPORTRAIT Mask H 24.41 in W 14.57 in D 13.78 in $ 10,000
Daniel Firman DIMENSIONS VARIABLES H 8.27 in W 11.42 in D 0.79 in $ 2,500
Antoine Vignault PI SIGMA Table Lamp
Antoine Vignault PI SIGMA Table Lamp H 21.65 in W 21.65 in D 8.27 in $ 8,500
Antoine Vignault SIRIUS Cabinet Blue Labradorite
Antoine Vignault SIRIUS Cabinet 'Blue... H 74.8 in W 33.86 in D 16.54 in $ 75,000
Cecile Ballureau PATOU Bench
Cecile Ballureau PATOU Bench H 21.65 in W 55.91 in D 19.69 in $ 110,000
Antoine Vignault MU SIGMA Table Lamp
Antoine Vignault OCTANT Nightstand
Antoine Vignault OCTANT Nightstand H 25.2 in W 24.8 in D 16.54 in $ 25,000
Christophe Gaignon PURPLE RAIN Mirror
Christophe Gaignon PURPLE RAIN Mirror D 7.87 in DIA 47.24 in $ 18,000
Gareth Devonald Smith SATELLITE Chandelier H 74.8 in W 92.52 in D 21.65 in $ 85,000
Cecile Ballureau ABACUS Mirror
Cecile Ballureau ABACUS Mirror H 57.48 in W 42.91 in D 6.69 in $ 85,000
Cecile Ballureau PAT Bench
Cecile Ballureau PAT Bench H 17.72 in W 59.06 in D 23.62 in Request Price
Antoine Vignault DEMETER Collectors Vitrine
Alexandre Vossion DREAM Chandelier
Laurence Calabuig PENELOPE H 13.39 in W 18.11 in D 1.18 in $ 1,595
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