Erwan Boulloud

French, 1973

"Beyond its aesthetic success, I feel a work of art is successful in its ability to generate a lineage, this is to me the testimony of its profundity".

Graduated from the Ecole Boulle in 1995, Erwan Boulloud gained unique know-how which he first put at disposal of different creators, then in the layout of the collections of great museums such as the Louvre, the CNAM or the Museum of Natural History.

In 2003, Erwan opened his own workshop in Paris, then in Pantin. This is where he started creating, working on material as a prelude: metal, wood, concrete, glass; mineral or vegetable; raw, burnt or polished, decorticated, reconstituted; he seeks to reveal its profundity.

Each creation represents the snapshot of a history in ongoing evolution bearing the imprint of a perceptible movement. Works succeed each other, creating lines, junctions, crossings, disappearances and mutations.

His creations are unique pieces or limited numbered series.

Erwan Boulloud Furniture 

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