17 White St.
New York City, NY 10013
United States
          Donzella is a curated gallery space that has specialized in post-war design since its inception in the early 1990s. Largely comprised of works by American interior designers and architects, as well as Italian architects and industrial designers, Paul Donzella's catalog of period furniture and lighting sets exceptional standards of form, quality, and rarity. This same criteria informs an expanded program of contemporary works by sophisticated talents from France, Italy, and the United States, with many pieces created by the artists exclusively for the gallery.        
Paul Frankl Rare Custom Designed Sofa... H 28 in W 144 in D 68 in $ 45,000
Paul Frankl Paul Frankl Low Cork Table H 12 in W 84 in D 21 in $ 14,500
Arriau Nest of 3 “Cloudy” Tables... H 17 in W 72 in D 48 in $ 37,500
Fantastic Pair of Large... H 32 in W 13 in D 6 in $ 16,500
Alexandre Log Fregate Wall Console by Alexandre Log
Alexandre Logé "Fregate" Wall... H 34 in W 73 in D 19 in $ 36,000
“Libeccio,” Studio-Made... H 22 in W 20 in D 26 in $ 12,500
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