Kelly Kiefer


Blurring the boundries between art and design, Kelly Kiefer believes art should make a statement, cause intrigue, incite conversation, and evoke a reaction. Art can elevate a residential or commercial setting, enhance our lives, and be as functional as it is meaningful. Kiefer has worked with a panoply of media ranging from nickel-plated steel to platinum, titanium, painting, rare woods, engineering with motors and controllers and moving parts, wrought iron, blown glass, clay, resin, hand-carved marble, cast bronze, cast stainless steel and 24 karat gold. 

Kelly Kiefer, A Daring Life, is a collection of gallery-quality statement pieces; sculptural furnishings and interior accessories offered in Limited Edition Series, made-to-order, and one-off pieces. Should one choose to look further, they’ll find the collection speaks to the human condition: pain and beauty, struggle and triumph, heartache and healing.  Working with clients around the country, Kelly splits time between studios in NY and Colorado.


Kelly Kiefer The Audacia Chandelier by Kelly Kiefer
Kelly Kiefer The "Audacia'... H 48 in W 28 in D 11 in $ 28,750
Kelly Kiefer Sculptural Torchier by Kelly Kiefer
Kelly Kiefer Sculptural Torchier by... H 63 in W 13 in DIA 12 in $ 17,500
Kelly Kiefer Torchier
Kelly Kiefer Torchier H 63 in W 12 in DIA 11 in $ 17,500
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