Stanley Boxer

American, 1926 - 2000
Stanley Boxer was born in New York City in 1925. He drew obsessively as a child, often sketching the cowboys and Indians he saw in movies. He entered the Navy at the age of sixteen to fight in World War II. After the war his older brother encouraged him to apply to the Art Students League, where an instructor told him he had talent and ought to start taking classes immediately. He won a fellowship from John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation. He became a noted painter and sculptor but preferred being known as a 'practitioner' because he believed that constant practice was the only way to excel at art. The titles of Boxer's works were deliberately ambiguous; his titles were attempts at verbal equivalents of the painted gesture. He was known for troweling on pigment, using his fingers, brushes and a palette knife to create textures and patterns. He died on May 11, 2000. Stanley Boxer Paintings.
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