Timothy Schreiber

Timothy Schreiber initially trained in cabinet making in Germany before studying architecture and design at Bauhaus University, Weimar (Germany), University of Stuttgart (Germany) and Westminster University in London (United Kingdom). During and after his studies he worked with a number of signature architects including German Guenther Behinsh and London based Pritzker Price winner Zaha Hadid. In 2003 he spent a year living and working in China where he was involved in the design of the aquatic centre of the 2008 Beijing Olympics (Water cube). Since 2005 he has been paying special attention to the development of bespoke art furniture and objects.
The main cornerstones of Timothy’s design approach are a predominantly digital workflow and a strong focus on multi-disciplinarity. He uses a wide range of digital tools to embed various forms of “micro intelligence” and “scientific phenomena” into the concepts of his works. During his design process complex virtual models emerge which are subsequently being materialized choosing the most appropriate available digital or traditional manufacturing methods.
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