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          Kelly Kinzle grew up helping his parents Dorothy and Donn in their antique and auction business in Duncansville, Pennsylvania. As a young man, he founded his own business and moved to New Oxford, Pennsylvania with his partner Paralee Winstel in 1990. Their business is located in the old bank building on the historic town square. Although Kelly is known for his inventory of tall case clocks, fire arms, Pennsylvania decorative arts and fire fighting memorabilia, he is interested in those objects that are outstanding in any genre and period. His reputation for handling the rare and unusual has made him a favorite with collectors and scholars alike. He has also worked closely with important institutions including the Smithsonian, Colonial Williamsburg and the Philadelphia Museum of Art to add significant objects to their collections.        


Kelly Kinzle

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Richard Remmey George Washington... H 13 in DIA 10 in Request Price
Ira Thomas Hess Angel Gabriel Weathervane H 26 in W 42 in Request Price
Thomas V. Brooks Cigar Store Indian attr. to... H 70 in W 18 in D 17 in Request Price
Monumental Carved Stone... H 36 in W 36 in D 60 in $ 125,000
Dining Room Suite H 93 in W 78 in D 30 in $ 75,000
Harvey Kinsey Bird Tree H 48 in Request Price
Philadelphia Dressing Table H 30 in W 34 in D 22 in $ 24,000
Paint Decorated Step Back... H 87 in W 55 in D 18 in $ 85,000
Painted Table H 28 in W 32 in D 21 in $ 4,000
Compass Artist Storage Box,... H 7 in W 13 in D 7 in $ 34,000
Burl Maple Miniature Six... H 5 in W 8 in DIA 3 in $ 16,000
Armchair, School of... H 42 in W 25 in D 24 in $ 8,500
Eric Sloane Winter Landscape H 32 in W 39 in $ 25,000
J. Y. Oliver Exhibition Knife H 10 in W 7 in D 3 in $ 65,000
Paint Decorated Settee,... H 36 in W 81 in D 21 in $ 6,500
George Edgar Ohr Puzzle Jug by George Ohr ... H 7 in DIA 4 in $ 24,000
Rudolph Spangler Tall Case Clock by Rudolph... H 111 in W 24 in D 12 in $ 34,000
Lebbeus Dodd Tall Case Clock by Lebbeus... H 93 in W 19 in D 9 in $ 42,000
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