As seen in Vogue Mexico March 2017; courtesy Vogue Mexico and CONDÉ NAST MÉXICO Y LATINOAMÉRICA. Photography by Michael Thompson.

What better place to find the innovative designs of award-winning designer Craig Van Den Brulle of Craig Van Den Brulle Gallery than between the covers―and on the cover―of Vogue? The sensuous, elegant lines of furnishings and sculpture from Van Den Brulle’s VDB Collection are perfectly paired with this sophisticated publication described as “the most influential fashion, beauty, and luxury” magazine.

In a photo shoot at a penthouse in Manhattan’s Rivington Hotel, the model―attired in outfits by Prada, Michael Kors, and Stella McCartney―is seamlessly paired with two of Van Den Brulle’s designs: his Riemann chair and Delaunay mirror; each featuring prominently in nearly every image of the four-page spread.

Evoking the essence of the 1940s, a decade of femininity and sophistication, the model’s attire in one of the Vogue images is a nod to classic, historic fashion that calls attention to Van Den Brulle’s own design sensibilities as reflected in the Delaunay mirror, used as the backboard for the bed on which she lays. The mirror’s angular three-dimensional panels reflect the black of the model’s dress and the red satin sheets, as well as the tones of the sky, which stream in through the floor-to-ceiling windows. The Delaunay mirror sets the scene in several other images, including the cover, further showcasing the dynamic aesthetics of the design.

As seen in Vogue Mexico March 2017; courtesy Vogue Mexico and CONDÉ NAST MÉXICO Y LATINOAMÉRICA. Photography by Michael Thompson.

Delaunay Chrome Mirror / Wall Sculpture

Height: 54 in.; Width: 44 in.; Depth: 4 in.

Price: $32,000.00

Limited Edition – 15 in Chrome, 15 in Gold

Reference Number: U11020678361502

This dazzling effect perfectly emulates the Cubist work of Robert Delaunay (1885-1941), after whom the mirror design is named. Delaunay was the first artist to introduce vibrant colors, intense light, and a rhythmic movement into Cubism, which led to a form of abstract art referred to as Orphism (a term coined by a French poet in 1912). His wife, Sonia, also produced works in this manner. The way Van Den Brulle’s Delaunay mirror captures and reflects light through its undulating pattern plays well in any interior, placed, as in the bedroom image, or hung on a wall as a focal point. As Van Den Brulle states of his design, it “references the angular shapes and reflective quality of Delaunay's paintings and takes it the 21st Century,” adding, “The Delaunay sculpture has a bold presence and reflective quality and works into a multitude of interiors.” The mirror will soon be complemented by additional Delaunay lighting, to be released as part of the VDB Collection, which is presently offering a glass-topped dining table with a Delaunay base.

Vogue’s pages also display Van Den Brulle’s Reimann chair, shown most provocatively with the model draped over the chair, one arm slung over its “shoulder.” Though the epitome of contemporary design, the voluminous, flowing lines of Van Den Brulle’s Reimann chair reference tradition. The essence of the form, in fact, harkens back to the eighteenth-century. Says Van Den Brulle, “The Riemann chair references the classic wing back chair, but with more of a curvaceous, balloon-like shape.” As a designer who notes that he “finds inspiration in a great many things, furniture (of all periods), sculpture, art and even nature,” it’s not surprising to see myriad sources of inspiration within each object, as with his Reimann chair, in which can also be seen elements such as the undulating lines of vintage automobiles of the 1930s and 1940s.

As seen in Vogue Mexico March 2017; courtesy Vogue Mexico and CONDÉ NAST MÉXICO Y LATINOAMÉRICA. Photography by Michael Thompson.

Riemann Chair in Mirror Polished Gilt Bronze

Measurements: Height: 37; Width: 33½; Depth:  35½ inches

Price: $125,000.00

Limited Edition –  5 in Gilt Bronze, 10 in Mirror Stainless Steel

Reference Number: U11090678361613

Each of Van Den Brulle’s designs, whether from his VDB Collection or one of his custom designs, is created with the intent that they not only stand out as sculpture but integrate into the design aesthetic of today’s interiors as well as more traditional spaces. This is one reason his designs are so successful: by integrating traditional forms and inspiration into contemporary design, his creations fit into any space. As Van Den Brulle notes, “I feel mixing different styles and periods make things more interesting.”

As with all of Van Den Brulle’s designs, they are steeped in tradition stemming from his upbringing in California, travels abroad, and education at Parsons School of Design. Van Den Brulle also gains inspiration everyday as he walks through his New York gallery, which offers mid-century lighting, furniture and accessories. As Van Den Brulle says, “Life is an incredible journey, everything you see, everything you touch that has relevance gets absorbed and you build from those experiences.”

Craig Van Den Brulle Gallery and Showroom is located at the New York Design Center, 200 Lexington Avenue, 10th floor, New York, New York; 212.925.6760. Business hours: Monday – Thursday, 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM; Friday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM; Saturday & Sunday by appointment only. Inventory may also be viewed on

The illustrations from Vogue Mexico are from the March 2017 issue and are reprinted with permission from Condé Nast.