Opens Mid-November, 2017

57th Street & Park Avenue, NYC
For information, call 212.644.6400

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This November, Macklowe Gallery unveils its new location in the heart of midtown Manhattan. With just over 6,000-square-feet of space and 130 feet of frontage, the location increases visibility tenfold in an area that is an art and antiques hub. In addition to more than tripling the ground floor exhibition area, the new location will also feature a dedicated library for the gallery’s extensive collection of books and other industry resources, as well as an expanded showroom that doubles as an event and lecture space.

The gallery is recognized for museum-quality 
Art Nouveau furniture and decorative arts, including the lamps and glassware of Louis Comfort Tiffany, and carefully curated Art NouveauArt Deco, and Mid-20th-century jewelry. Gallery president, Benjamin Macklowe, notes that the larger space will provide the opportunity to further their product offerings into later periods.

The soon-to-be unveiled storefront of Macklowe Gallery.

“Rose de France” vase by Emile Gallè, ca. 1900.

French Art Nouveau gilt bronze clock by Maurice Dufrène, ca. 1900.

 “We are very excited to be expanding. It’s rare that a family business continues through to the next generation and it’s exciting for me to be able to share my passion and knowledge,” says Macklowe. “I’m very optimistic about the future of our industry. Beautiful things are uplifting and we all need that.” He adds, “With our new gallery’s increased presence, we will have the opportunity to make people aware of this beautiful material. Our business was built on people who were curious and were interested in learning about what they saw in our shop window.  We now will have an even greater influx of curious onlookers who can see what’s so special inside.”