Gil Walsh Interiors: A Case for Color

By Gil Walsh with Margaret Reilly Muldoon

This is the first monograph from Gil Walsh, whose interiors are brought to life by her masterful color schemes and artistic eye, whether it’s through pretty pastels or bold, bright hues. (Gibbs Smith, $40)

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Wanderlust: Interiors That Bring the World Home

By Michelle Nussbaumer

This is designer Michelle Nussbaumer’s first book, featuring her dramatically lush interiors inspired by her experiences traveling the world. Her alluring signature style mixes periods with antique textiles, embroideries, weavings, unconventional furniture and global art. (Rizzoli, $50)

The Business of Creativity: How to Build the Right Team for Success

By Keith Granet

Keith Granet has long been known as the go-to management consultant of the design world. In this follow-up book to The Business of Design, he reveals his shrewd insights about running a creative business. (Princeton Architectural Press, $40)

Art House: The Collaboration of Chara Schreyer and Gary Hutton

By Alisa Carroll

Chara Schreyer, a leading art collector, has collaborated with interior designer Gary Hutton for forty years. This book gives readers a glimpse into their most stunning interiors, which often featured masterpieces by Marcel Duchamp, Andy Warhol, Donald Judd, Louise Nevelson, Diane Arbus and Frank Stella. (Assouline, $85)

Around That Time: Horst at Home in Vogue

By Valentine Lawford, Ivan Shaw and Hamish Bowles; Photography by Horst P. Horst

Around That Time includes much of the material included in the original landmark publication Vogue’s Book of Houses, Gardens, People from 1968, as well as never-before-seen photographs. Horst P. Horst was the leading fashion photographer of his time, and along with lyrical essays by his partner Valentine Lawford, the original book was a who’s who of society, politics and the arts in the middle of the 20th century. Around That Time introduces their work to a new generation of design and art enthusiasts. (Abrams Books, $75)

Hollywood Interiors: Style and Design in Los Angeles

By Anthony Iannacci

When it comes to interior design, Hollywood individualism manifests as highly original spaces in Los Angeles, from Malibu to Silver Lake. This book highlights the dizzying assortment of design styles, from 1930s Spanish Revival houses to Storybook houses and mid century modern stunners. (Monacelli, $75)

François Catroux

By David Netto

This book is the highly-anticipated first volume on the international master, innovator and explorer of interior design, François Catroux. The volume begins with his first projects in 1968 and spans Catroux’s entire career, with stunning photographs of opulent interiors from around the world. (Rizzoli, $65)

Chihuly Faxes

By Francine Prose; Illustrated by Dale Chihuly

Chihuly Faxes gives readers a look inside Dale Chihuly’s creative process. This compilation of words and sketches reflects the depth of scale in his work, and shows how the fax machine can uniquely bring his ideas to life. (Chihuly Workshop, $25)

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City Living: Apartment Houses by Robert A.M. Stern Architects

By Robert A.M. Stern, Paul L. Whalen, Daniel Lobitz, Michael D. Jones

These three partners at Robert A.M. Stern Architects present sixteen completed apartment complexes as well as another sixteen projects in progress, located in New York and in major cities across the world. (Monacelli, $75)

Sunnylands: America’s Midcentury Masterpiece

By Janice Lyle

This book chronicles the magnificent Sunnylands estate, a legendary mid century modern design masterpiece. The Annenberg abode is the only completely preserved interior by decorator-to-the-stars, William Haines. (Vendome, $60)

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Hotel Chic at Home: Inspired Design Ideas from Glamorous Escapes

By Sara Bliss

This book is a dazzling encyclopedia of inspired ideas to make every room of your home feel like a dreamy escape. Sara Bliss, a travel and design blogger, shows how the experiences of adventure, sophistication, and relaxation can be recreated anywhere. (Monacelli, $45)

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Mr. Ken Fulk's Magical World by Ken Fulk

By Ken Fulk, 2016

This book features more than 200 color photos and showcases the best of Ken Fulk’s luxurious designs over the past decade. Fulk works out of The Magic Factory, a 15,000-square-foot think tank in San Francisco and specializes in interior design, special events and architecture. (Abrams Books, $75)

Cecil Beaton at Home: An Interior Life

By Andrew Ginger; Foreword by Hugo Vickers

Flipping through the pages of this book offers a private view of the genius of Cecil Beaton, a 20th-century Renaissance man who was a photographer, costume and set designer, playwright, writer, and an exceptional interior decorator. (Rizzoli, $85)

Beautiful: All-American Decorating and Timeless Style

By Mark D. Sikes

A celebration of American style today, this New York Times bestselling book by Mark D. Sikes showcases chic, accessible ideas for any home. His interiors are influenced by the fashion world, where he began his career, and are modern, unfussy takes on California indoor/outdoor living that incorporate natural fibers and crisp coloration. (Rizzoli, $45)

Inson Dubois Wood: Interiors

By Inson Wood; Foreword by Christopher Hyland

This is the first monograph on the interior design work of Inson Dubois, the New York-based architect renowned for designing elegant interiors with richness, subtle tonality with colorful accents, and impeccable proportions. This book features a foreword by Christopher Hyland and photographs by Mark Roskams. (Rizzoli, $55)

Great Houses, Modern Aristocrats

By James Reginato

This gorgeous book showcases the intriguing histories of some of the leading families of Great Britain and Ireland, and the residences that have defined their heritages. (Rizzoli, $60)

The New Formal: Interiors by James Aman

By James Aman, Mark Stephen Archer, Photographer Karen Fuchs

The New Formal showcases ten of James Aman’s spectacular residences, from Park Avenue and Upper East Side abodes, to estates in Greenwich, the Hamptons and Palm Beach. These interiors are open and streamlined, with classic details and sumptuous materials. (Monacelli, $60)

A House by the Sea

By Bunny Williams

This book invites readers to explore La Colina, Bunny William’s Caribbean retreat, tucked into lush tropical gardens by the sea. Alongside stunning photographs are essays written by friends who have visited the home over the years. (Harry N. Abrams, $60)

The Creative Architect: Inside the Great Midcentury Personality Study

By Pierluigi Serraino

Though most everyone is familiar with the midcentury creative geniuses Richard Neutra, George Nelson, Louis Kahn and their contemporaries, no one really knows much about the intensive study conducted at the Institute of Personality Assessment and Research at UC Berkeley that scrutinized these famous figures. This book has gathered that 1958-1959 study’s findings, including questionnaires, aptitude tests, interview transcripts and more to reveal how these architects evaluated their own creativity and that of their peers. (Monacelli, $45)

Signature Spaces: The Well-Traveled Interiors of Paolo Moschino & Philip Vergeylen

By Paolo Moschino and Philip Vergeylen

The duo behind the award-winning design studio Paolo Moschino for Nicholas Haslam Limited has created a lavishly illustrated volume that delves into their inspiring home environments. Their design team is acknowledged by Architectural Digest as one of the top 100 in the world. (Vendome, $60)